Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pew Cones

A long time ago I saw an inspirational photo of a cute pew marker on the Better Homes and Gardens website. I tried making a paper one, but I wasn't really sure how they would hold up when filled with flowers. Ever since then, I've been on the search for another way to do these.

My mom ended up finding some handy instructions online to make pew cones a different way. Styrofoam! Once it's covered with fabric, it looks quite elegant.

[Image from]

One of my concerns with this design is that it uses a holder that slips over the pew. But the pew isn't flat on top, it looks like this:

So, after some consultation, I decided the only way to figure out if these were doable on the pews was to make up a sample. You know what that means. A trip to Michael's! I got all of the items needed except for the fabric, ribbon, and pearl head pins (we'll save the fancy stuff for later!). Before Lindsey left today, I made up the sample for her to take back with her. She's going to give it a shot on the church pew and let me know what happens.

One other suggestion I received was that if the holder doesn't stay put on the pew, we could adhere the holder to the pew with those 3M temporary sticky things, so that we could then remove said sticky things later. "Sticky things" being a very technical term. Ha. I'll keep that idea in my back pocket for Plan B!



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