Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's starting to seem real now. Yep, that's an empty box. What gives, you ask? Well, that empty box represents something. The wedding invitations have been mailed! Yes, you heard right. I can't believe it either. Seems just like yesterday that I had my inspirational idea for the invitation design and now they've been mailed. Where does the wedding planning time go?! confused

Thanks to some HUGE help from my girlfriends to complete the invitations, I was able to mail them out on Tuesday. I'll post about our final invitation making day soon...and also a little bit more about the details of the invitations once everyone receives them.

If you remember my last post about stamps and the post office you'll recall that I sent myself an invitation through the mail. Well folks, this is exactly why. Behold, this is how it arrived:

Could that lovely postmark {insert sarcasm here rolleyes} have taken up any more of the envelope? Ugh. I saved this invitation as Exhibit A and was going to use it to make a case for having the invitations hand stamped when I returned to the post office to send them. Fast forward to Tuesday. I presented my case to a nice lady at the post office by showing her the envelope, indicating that they were wedding invitations, and telling her that I would really like them to look nice for this special occasion. She replied that she would normally offer to hand stamp them {yes!}, but they were really busy at the moment {no!!} But would I like to do it myself? {absolutely!}.

I moved off to the corner and stamped to my little hearts content. Approximately 15 minutes later the 137 invitations were ready to go. As I handed them back off to the lady helping me, she said "Now let's hope this prevents them from having that ugly postmark." Uh, I thought this was a for sure thing? Sigh. All I can say is if you receive a wedding invitation with the envelope looking like it's been driven over by a car like the one above, please don't tell me. wink



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