Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Think I've Found the One!

After multiple shopping trips and many stops at Sephora to pick up perfume samples (they are GREAT for this, by the way) I think I've finally found the one....the perfume I'll wear on our wedding day!! The winner is.....

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel!

I wore this perfume to work yesterday and I am in love. It just has a bit of spiciness that I like, along with some citrus hints. Yummy. AND the kicker is I let Nate smell my wrist when I got home and his response was "Hmm.." It was definitely one of those good hmms, like "Hmm, I think I like that!" I had done this with several other perfumes and he'd immediately wrinkled his nose and/or said no pretty quickly. So "Hmm" is definitely a good thing!

From the Chanel website: Sexy, fresh oriental fragrance recalls the irrepressible spirit of the young Coco Chanel. Lighter, more relaxed fragrance form. Delicately fresh and citrusy.

You can expect this to be on my birthday list this year. And thanks to all the girls over at STLWed for all their great suggestions!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

By the way...

I keep mentioning reception centerpieces and haven't posted pictures of the ideas. Half the tables will have a tall centerpiece and half short, something like this:

[from MrsJLA on STLWed]
Something very similar with more orange grasses, wheat, an orange ting, cattails and greenery. There will also be four votives surrounding it, and we'll probably do the runners criss-crosseed on the table like in the picture, but in burnt orange.

[from Project Wedding]
Love the different heights of cylinders. Will probably do three varying sizes, with ivory floating candles and orange flowers, along with a few votives.


Card box ideas?

Do any of you have ideas for a creative card box? You know, where guests put your wedding cards when they arrive at the reception. This would likely be placed on the gift table or next to the guest book. Here's the latest idea I found that I'm kind of digging:

or these from Something Old, Something New:

Cute? Ugly? Anybody?????


We Should Have Brought an Ark

This past weekend was quite the busy one. Since Nate's parents were in town, we took advantage of it and did some wedding related stuff in Jefferson City and Loose Creek. But first, the ordeal of getting there.... Don't know how many of you have heard about the rain and flooding in Missouri lately, but we certainly experienced it. Let me preface this with the fact that before we left the house on Friday, I checked the MODOT website for flooding on the roads. I'm sure you can see where this is going. We took the more scenic country route to my parents house instead of I-70, which is just flat out....booooring. About halfway there, we saw some crazy flooding in a town called Union that had completely covered the outer road along I-44. And then everything was fine until we got 30 miles away from our destination. Then, sure enough, there was a flashing highway sign warning us of flooding 18 miles ahead on Highway 50. We had to jog north on Highway 19 all the way to I-70 after all - then make our way west again - then south - then east. My, my. Our two hour trip ended up taking about four hours. Not that it wasn't a pretty day to be driving, but jeez! AND, of course, going north on 19 we got stuck behind this big truck hauling a small tractor thing that was throwing mud and rocks at us, with no opportunity to pass. Argh! Thanks a lot MODOT for updating your website on a regular basis - I'm glad to know you are really reliable for future occasions.

Once we actually got to Loose Creek, we took Berni & Dave for the three minute tour of the town. We swung by the church where we'll be having the ceremony and the community center where we'll be having the reception. Now B&D can picture those places when we're talking about decorations and details. After picking up Nate from the bar at Madison's Cafe (Nate had to drive in later - and thanks to our adventurous trip got to avoid the flooding - and he was at the bar...) we all sat down for dinner to try some of the options we can provide guests for the rehearsal dinner. It was a nice time, relaxing after all the decorating chatter.

Saturday we met with our decorating lady, Laurie...finally....and did some brainstorming and threw around layout and decoration ideas for the reception. Nate is quite proud that his original idea for the layout (which was in a previous post) is what we decided on, and what Laurie could definitely envision. From there we headed to the rental place to reserve round tables, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, etc. After some lunch and due to incessant complaining, the guys were told we could do better without them, and they we sent on their way. Then the girls stopped by the florist and talked over a few additional things - ceremony and reception arrangements - and a deposit was made to hold our date. Check. From there, we headed to the Capital Plaza Hotel, to try and talk to someone about a guest shuttle. No luck, the lady we needed to talk to wasn't working Saturday. Finally, we dropped back by Madison's so Berni could talk to someone in-depth about the rehearsal dinner. Check.

Saturday night was spent eating a fabulous dinner cooked by the guys...and Sunday was Easter breakfast at my grandparent's house. All in all...a very accomplished weekend.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Drumroll please...

This past Saturday all of my bridesmaids met me in St. Louis to go dress shopping. Bridesmaid dress shopping, that is. And in around two hours time, the decision was made!

I was all about letting them each choose something they liked, so each girl ended up choosing a different dress. It's so hard to pick ONE dress that will compliment everyone, so I think it's great that they all look fabulous and will be comfortable in the styles they chose.

The dresses will be burnt orange and and I love how they ended up tying together with a little bit of rhinestone on each dress.

Here are the four dresses. They are all from the Jordan collection.

And here are my BMs modeling the dresses:

We had such a fun time... And it was so great to be able to sit back, relax, and give opinions when asked...instead of being the one trying things on!! Every decision made keeps making things seem even more real...


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ring Shopping

Tonight we swung by Vincent's Jewelers to look at wedding bands. My choice was easy, as I pretty much knew what I wanted and what would nicely complement my engagement ring. It also helped that the minute we walked in the door, Marc said he had the perfect wedding ring for me! In fact, it's already on layaway. :) It looks something like this - 3/4 carat with princess cut diamonds:
Nate, on the other hand, was having a bit harder time. We think we want to get him something like titanium or tungsten, which is pretty much indestructible.

He liked this titanium band, which has kind of a different flair:

This tungsten band:

And Marc also thought Nate would like something like this, so he's ordering it in. This is white gold:

Decisions, decisions!



I found THE cutest garters online! I ordered them about a week ago, and they arrived on Monday... They are from the Etsy seller GartersByKristi. This is a surprise for Nate, so don't tell him. But here they are...

Oakland A's!!!!! Think he'll like them??


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wedding Day Perfume?

One other thought: I am on the hunt for a wedding day perfume. Every time I go shopping, I always try a couple more, hoping I find one that I will want to wear on my wedding day. Today's finds, both of which aren't bad choices:

  • Vera Wang - Sheer Veil
  • Gucci - Eau de Parfum II
Do any of you have anything you'd recommend?


We Have...

a singer! I just got an email from Connie Andrews today, stating that she had put us on her calendar for October 4th! The next time we're back home after our trip this month, which will likely be May, we'll have to meet with her to discuss options for music. Yay! Another check off the list.

I also DRESS! My parents ended up coming here for the weekend, so today my mom and I did a little shopping and picked up my dress. I was excited and nervous about it at the same know, wondering if I had made the right choice, but excited to see it again. And I have to say, there's no doubt that I LOVE it. It is absolutely perfect...I fell in love all over again. It fits pretty well, however I will definitely have to have the top altered (ya know, the boob area...that's not one of my strong points!), as well as some length taken off the bottom. It is hanging in the guest bedroom closet right now. Eek! So now it's on to finding some gorgeous jewelry and the perfect veil. I already purchased these shoes, which I think are just so pretty and elegant:

Now I just have to get them dyed ivory to match my dress!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last Weekend

Nate and I also accomplished a couple of things ourselves last weekend. We went to a wedding party hosted by Crate and Barrel, to get our first registry started! The event was last Sunday morning from 9 - 11 am, before the store opened to the general public. They had tons of people working to answer questions, and even had demonstrations of some of their products. They had yummy pastries and mimosas for us as well. We thought two hours was a lot of time, but we used every bit of it. I'm sure our list will change a bit, but we've got a good start. We got a cute little candy dish as a free gift - and we had a fun time going around the store scanning things we'd love to have!

After Crate and Barrel, we headed to Savvi in Chesterfield Mall to look at tuxes. We tried a gazillion different jacket and vest combos together on one of the mannequins, to try and determine which ones we'd like to order for Nate to try on. Let's just say, he has plenty of options! He decided on trying a brown tux, as well as a couple of black ones - I believe a 3 -button and 4-button jacket. As far as vest colors, there's ivory, tan, chocolate brown, and burnt orange. We'll just have to figure out how we want to set Nate apart as the groom, and then I think the decision for the groomsman will be easier. We're hoping to be able to setup an appointment to have Nate try them on while his parents are here this month. I know his mom will have some good opinions and be able to help him decide.


Another Singer

Last weekend my parents went to mass in a nearby town, Wardsville, to listen to a lady named Connie Andrews sing. She was recommended to me by several people, and now I understand why. My parents LOVED her. And as my mom used to sing at weddings, I trust her judgement... My mom said Connie's voice was very strong, she sounded great on her own, and actually she sounded like she had had professional lessons. I was toying with the idea of having a male and female singer, but to go easy on the budget, and since my parents both liked Connie a lot, I am trying to get her booked for the wedding! I've learned that when it comes to decisions for the wedding, the sure and quick ones are the best kind...


The Save the Dates...

were put in the mail today. Whhhhhheeeeeeee! Expect yours to be arriving soon!!



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