Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pew Cones - Decision

I owe you a post about how the "trial" pew cone worked out. Lindsey kindly took it home with her and gave it a shot in church for me. Here are the results.

The decision is...we're doing them! smile Not bad for a random bunch of flowers I grabbed from Michael's. You'll notice the styrofoam cone isn't covered. I've purchased some ivory poly-satin fabric to cover the cones in the "real" version. I plan to wrap the cones in some brown ribbon and then add the accent flowers in our colors. I have the cones and holders on order from Save on Crafts. They should arrive next week. Still in search of the perfect ribbon.

The one thing we're still slightly unsure about is how to keep the cones securely on the pews. Lindsey said these stayed, but if someone would bump one it might slip off.

I bought this holder from Michael's also. My hope is that the ones I've ordered from Save on Crafts will attach tighter, as their website claims:

Plastic clip expands to securely attach to various pew or chair widths.

Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. neutral My parents will be in town next weekend. We plan to craft these (sans flowers - my future mother-in-law will be helping me with those) and work on the out-of-town gift bags. That'll be two more big checks off the list!



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