Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shower Recap

I interrupt this recent lack of blogging for a NEW blog post...

Sunday was my bridal shower! And my fantastic bridesmaids put on a helluva good shin-dig... The girls rented the local Knights of Columbus hall and decorated it up. They incorporated the fall wedding theme into the shower by decorating in oranges and browns and bringing in the leaf theme.

Too cute, right? The mums were a gorgeous burnt orange and the candles and ribbons were so pretty. Some of the centerpieces were used as prizes for the games that were played. I'll get to those in a minute. But first, check out this snazzy cake.

Pretty neat how they made the burnt orange mums with icing....whipped icing, nonetheless. Yum! I did forgo my "eating healthy" regime for this one day and had a piece of cake. A girl's got to splurge at her own bridal shower, right?! smile

Once the guests started to arrive, the food was brought out. And boy was there a lot of it! We had sandwich wraps, pasta salad, fruit, a cheese ball, fruit salsa...and my all time favorite, punch with orange sherbet! Fits in nicely with our orange wedding colors...

Before we cut the cake, we snapped a quick picture of me, my mom, and my grandma.

The girls got several compliments on the food, so I think everyone really enjoyed it.

including me...After everyone tummies were full, Lindsey started off the festivities with a game. She had made up this book and on each page there was a little poem.

I got to read the first page. It said "This game is really easy and we hope that you have fun, no one can tell who the winner will be until the game is done! Each page of rhymes will tell you exactly what to do. They will lead you to the winner, perhaps it will be you!"

Then I read the second page, which said "Roses are red, violets are blue. Now please pass this book to the person who is just left of you."

And so it began. The book got passed to the person with the most recent birthday, the bluest eyes, the longest hair, the smallest purse, the newest bride, who had been married the longest, etc. until we finally reached the end. The winner, my aunt Christy, got to sign the last page of the book and I now have it for a keepsake. Such a creative, fun idea...and one I had never seen before!

After that, I began opening some presents. I'm not much for being the center of attention, but once I got over that it was fun!

Here I am reacting to a pair of underwear. redface

I received so many nice things! In the middle of gift opening, Lindsey started another game. This one was all about what items you carry around in your purse. She had a list of items and would call them off 1 by 1.

If a guest had the item she was looking for, they would get a point. And she was a stickler, let me tell you. She walked around checking, to make sure no one was pulling one over on her!

You can see the purse digging frenzy this created!

A prize was given to the person with the most points and the least points. The winner only had 12 out of 25 items...only a mere 50%!

I opened a few more gifts after that...

Check out this wrapping our colors and everything!

And I got this fantastic basket o' goodies from Jen, Lindsey and Lisa.

It included 5 bottles of wine, each with a different tag attached. One said 1st Dinner Party, another said 1st House Together (As a Married Couple), another 1st Christmas, 1st Anniversary, and 1st Baby. So a bottle of wine to drink on each of life's monumental occasions. The Christmas bottle even had an ornament attached...and the 1st Baby bottle had a rattle attached (which I won't lie...kind of freaked me out a bit..!). They had also included our framed engagement announcement, two wine glasses, wine markers, some dishtowels, and yummy chocolate. SUCH a cute idea!!

I think everybody really had a good time and I got to speak to most everyone before they left. Even the kids were living it up!

And look at all these fantastic gifts (they even come with a baby...ha, ha)!

Here are the girls (sans Lisa my CA bridesmaid - we missed you!) who made the shower such a success. Many thanks gals!



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