Wednesday, April 30, 2008


No, I do not have my shoes back yet. But I'm just as curious as you are, believe me. Hopefully I will have those in my anxious hands tomorrow night. And oh yes, my dress too!

Instead tonight I am writing about all the choices that are presented to a bride these days. Uh, dress? White or ivory? Or maybe champagne? What length train? Beading? Lace? What kind of fabric? Strapless? No? You get my point...and that was just an example of all the choices associated with ONE item. My current dilemma has to do with accessories to compliment my dress. Take the veil for instance--short, long , or somewhere in between? These are my two current favorites:
But I seem to change my mind on a weekly basis these days. It's a veil, why is it so difficult? And then there's jewelry. I think I've finally decided that I want earrings and a bracelet. No necklace. So what kind of earrings? More of a classic look like these from White Aisle?

Or maybe these from Estillo Weddings?
Or something more elegant like these from Ophelia's Jewels, which bring in both the pearl elements (on my shoes) and the crystals (which are on my dress) .

So maybe these are best?! You see what I mean? TOO MANY CHOICES! I sure hope that once I figure out the earrings the bracelet choice will be easier. :)


Thursday, April 24, 2008

OMG! Has anyone seen this surprise wedding toast video?! This has to be the greatest thing ever! According to this post on Style Me Pretty, the bride, Amy, is a commercial actress who recently made an appearance in several Turbotax commercials. And the groom, Brad, is an actor and he recently made an appearance in an episode of Scrubs on NBC. How unique!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So I dropped off my wedding shoes last night at Cobblestone Shoe Repair. I'm getting them dyed ivory to match my dress. I had called beforehand asking the guy what I needed to bring, and his response was "Your dress." Okay, I thought, I'll bring my dress in and they'll have some color swatches, they'll figure out which one matches my dress, and then I'll be on my merry way. Well.....I was on my merry way, but without my shoes AND my dress! They actually keep the dress so that they can get the perfect match. A little nerve wracking? Yes. I expressed my feelings of uncertainty to the guy helping me, and he told me to just think of it as taking my dress to the dry cleaners. Really? Because somehow this seems totally different to me. Of course my dress has plastic over it, but still...

Well, I gave in and left there without my dress in tow. The shoes will be ready next Wednesday, so stay tuned.


Monday, April 21, 2008

My new friend

Since I love scrapbooking (and I am SO behind, by the way) and often find myself wandering down the aisles of the nearest store drooling over the fun paper crafting items, it's no surprise that I discovered the Cuttlebug. I have been considering making things such as the bridal shower invitations and bachelorette party invitations for quite some time. I took a card making class at Archivers (awesome!) and we keep receiving these adorable handmade cards in the mail from the combination of those two things and then my discovery of the Cuttlebug sent me happily over the edge into the invitation/card making process.

What is the Cuttlebug, you may ask? It's a dye-cutting and embossing tool. The Cuttlebug is a small little guy, about as big as a photo printer. And the sides can be folded up when not in use, so it doesn't take up too much space on my desk. Here he is in all his glory...

Let me show you what this guy can do! This is an embossing folder--about the size of a small greeting card. This particular design is called "Traffic Jam." You just slide a piece of paper into the folder...

place the folder in a “sandwich” between the embossing plates that are included with the machine (I won't get into the technical details...)

and run it through using the crank on the right side...

and it will emboss a square design onto paper, like so:

Cool, huh? I mentioned that it also does dye-cutting. Same concept as above with the sandwich between the plates, but you use a metal dye-cut for the middle of the sandwich:

which produces cool little wedding-y paper shapes like so:

I've already had some fun designing a bridal shower invitation, which I think I've finalized. So now it's on to the bach party invite. Once I figure that one out and get all the supplies, some of my gal pals and I will have a girl-talkin', invite makin', martini drinkin' little get together....all thanks to my new friend! :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So you may be wondering how our trip to Florida was? One word. Re-lax-ing. It was so nice to get away for the weekend and not think about all the stuff I *should* be doing. Instead my biggest worries were what to wear to dinner, what drink I should order, and oh yeah, trying not to get eaten by an alligator. But really, how could that be any worse than wedding planning? ;) There really was no chance of getting eaten by an alligator, but we did SEE some. I'll get to that later.

When we arrived at Kevin & Deanna's on Thursday night, it was just like old times. We sat around and talked for a couple of hours. It's like they never left! Friday was spent lounging around their house for the first half of the day, and then Kevin, Nate and I headed to Cocoa Beach for some sand and sun.

Don't let that innocent smile fool you.


checking out...

the water.

And because we all know boys will be boys, moments before...

and after Nate got his trunks pulled down by Kevin.
My trigger finger was too slow. :)

Since Deanna was at home overseeing Roslyn's nap, they didn't get to join us, but they did meet us at a beachside restaurant for dinner. It was so nice to dine outside and watch the sunset. Here is a picture of Nate, Roslyn and I from dinner:

And on to the alligators. The next day Kevin, Nate and I and some of Kevin's relatives went on an airboat ride on the St. John's river, which flows north by the way, just like the Nile. What is an airboat, you ask? Let me show you...

It's basically a boat powered by a HUGE fan. The first time our guide took us over land in this boat, I was like, what the #$@&! But then I realized, oh yeah not a traditional motor...duh.

Nate was co-pilot with our guide

The guide (I forgot his name?!) has been taking people on these airboat rides for 20 years!

We saw plenty of gators, even though there was a lot of traffic on the river.

We saw cows. Cows in swampy Florida? Who knew?


Other boats...

It was quite beautiful, really.

Until this picture. As if the cute noise blocking head phones aren't enough? Thanks Kevin.

And the guys.

Well worth the $45 for 90 minutes. Deanna is not a fan of alligators, so she didn't join us. And we couldn't seem to convince her how cool the ride was after the fact. She, Nate and I did log some pool time that afternoon, and then it was off to dinner again at another restaurant on the water, called Captain Hiram's. Roslyn was my buddy the ENTIRE weekend, and she and I spent a lot of time in the restaurant's gift shop looking at pretties while we were waiting for our table. There was a band playing at the restaurant, so when we finally sat down at our table, Roslyn asked if I would dance with her...

Too cute!

And I have just now realized out of all these pictures, I have none with Deanna. How did THAT happen? The time passed way too quickly, but I'm sure it won't be our last visit. Now we're just waiting with anticipation to welcome Baby Boy Henson into the world next month!


Monday, April 14, 2008


If I have to ask a certain someone for his guests' addresses one more time, I'm going to freaking explode! How hard is it to send out a mass email to all your friends and co-workers...something to the effect of "Please send me your home address." Period. One sentence. I get excuses of "I'm busy..." and "I forgot..." Like I'm not busy?! And like I haven't reminded you??? OMG! I seriously think this is at least the 10th time I've asked. The SIX MONTHS worth of lead time I gave you wasn't enough?

I have threatened him several times about his guests not getting invited. The funniest part is I actually sent out the save the date's a month and a half ago. You all know have received yours. And I'm STILL missing addresses from him, so those people have yet to receive their save the date. And HIS guests are the ones that are coming from out of town, not mine. So this is it. He has received warning that if I don't have the rest of the addresses in my hands by Thursday, his guests are getting removed from the list. Besides, they are HIS guests...I don't know why I have to care so much in the first place.

Men. Can't get addresses from them, can't shoot em either.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm taking a hiatus from wedding blogging for a few days. We're off to sunny Orlando! :)

See ya on the flip side!


Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today I decided I needed to get a start on all of these DIY projects swimming around in my head. First, I made a list of what I'm planning to do myself. Then I decided on what I could actually tackle today! I started with the easiest first, the unity candle. Here is the finished product:

To do this, I just printed our monogram on adhesive vellum and stuck it to the candle. Then using double sided tape, I attached the ribbons. Ta dah! So easy. Next thing to buy...candle holders!

Using Microsoft Publisher, I also created a water bottle label with our monogram that perfectly fits the Costco water bottles. Now we just need to buy a few cases of water so I can get to work on those. I'm planning on laminating the labels so the bottles can be put in buckets of ice. That way my labels won't crumble to bits when they hit water.

Finally, I started playing with an invitation idea I had, which I think turned out rather nicely. I'm meeting with my aunt next month to talk invitations, so I wanted to start thinking about design. That is all I will say. :)

We also registered at Target today. And that's it. All registries completed. One more check off the list!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Realization: Exactly SIX months before our big day!

In honor of the occasion, I emailed Nate and told him this should be our first dance song...

I'm sorta kidding and sorta not. Heh.



After searching high and low for some modern looking toasting flutes for the wedding, I came upon this post yesterday on Weddingbee. Schott Zwiesel has created these glasses with special additives like titanium, so they are incredibly strong. And although their strength is an added benefit, that's not really why I like his Pure Tritan series. I like them for their looks!


They are not sold in sets of two, but sets of six. Although six is more than I want, I can definitely see us using these in the future. Plus, since I've been having such a hard time finding something we both like, I should jump on this one! So I think I might be making a Schott Zwiesel purchase from in the near future. Yay!

And as irony would have it, I just saw this post about these glasses yesterday, and then last night Nate and I were catching up on Top Chef episodes on Bravo. Towards the end of the 4th episode when the contestants were bringing out their entrees to be judged, what did I see on the dinner table? You guessed it. Schott Zwiesel glasses! I'd never heard of this brand or seen these glasses and then two times in one day?! Weird.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Productive: adjective

1.having the power of producing; generative;
2.producing readily or abundantly; fertile;
3. getting many wedding related items accomplished;

Ah, the weekend. I don't know what got into us, but boy did we do A LOT! As you know from my previous post, Nate had narrowed down his favorite wedding bands to three. We met with Marc again on Thursday night, and got to check out this band in person:

Nate definitely liked it, but he was still hanging on to his like of this one as well:
I thought the white gold band was perfect--classy and traditional. Nate liked the cable ring because it was cool and different. I thought it was too casual. Marc was nice enough to loan us the rings for a couple of days, so we could bring them home and show Nate's parents. Berni sided with me on the white gold band and we all know mom's know best! We went back on Saturday morning and put the white gold band on layaway. And I told Marc to keep the cable ring written on Nate's chart. It would be great for a birthday or Christmas gift!

After our stop at the jeweler, we swung by Savvi to pick out tuxes. Nate ended up deciding on this three button black Perry Ellis jacket (please ignore the Fabio-like model):

He will be wearing a chocolate vest and tie, and the groomsman will be wearing a burnt orange vest and tie to match the bridesmaids. Still undecided on the dads...although everything I've read says their vests and ties should be black. The ushers will be in orange as well, and the ring bearer of course matches the groom. Now we just have to get measurements from all the guys in the next few months!

While we were at the mall, we also stopped by Macy's to start our registry. I had started our registry online and added a few items to it before we went to the store. But apparently that was not a good idea. The lady trying to help us with our registry just flat out couldn't find it online! We had to start from scratch--and then, of course, ended up having TWO Macy's registries and had to have one deleted. Geh. Once we finally got our scanner and started walking around the store, we were struggling with what to register for. Bed and bath items are a challenge because we're planning on moving, so we're not sure what our future house will looks like...colors, rooms, etc. We tried to a least register for some neutral towels and a new guest bedroom bed set, so hopefully we'll be able to use those! And there's always a few more kitchen items....I hope our next kitchen isn't any smaller... You can check out our registry here.

Other accomplishments included:
-Berni found the fabric to make table runners
-We bought a flower girl basket and unity candle
-We played with centerpiece ideas
-The limo was reserved for the bridal party

Yay for productivity!!

Exhaustion: noun
1.the act or process of exhausting.
2.the state of being exhausted.
3.extreme weakness or fatigue.



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