Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Rest of the Story...

One of the two things Nate was going to be doing with me during the weekend actually fell through. We were going to meet with Laurie, who will be decorating for us, to discuss ideas and options for decor. She had the flu. :( We did, however, still get to go to her storage building, where she keeps all of her supplies. It helped to see some things in person, and got a few ideas flowing. We are definitely going to try and setup something with her again next month over Easter weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

On Sunday, Nate and I met with Fr. Medina to talk about the ceremony. We basically just talked through what would happen at the rehearsal, and then everything we need to consider for the ceremony itself. He gave us a book full of readings and prayers that will help us pick those out for the ceremony. So in addition to music, I'll be thinking through readings, prayers, and who we will be assigning special duties to... I would like my uncle, Deacon Steve, to do the gospel and homily, and have then Fr. Medina perform the actual ceremony. Fr. Medina eased my mind a bit, saying we didn't necessarily have to have servers, since Steve would be helping. Good news...since my mom and I were having difficulties thinking of two younger kids to do it.

A couple of other random things to consider: aisle runner and rings. The flooring is carpet in the church, so Fr. Medina pointed out that if we were doing an aisle runner, it would have to be a rather sturdy material so high heels won't poke through the fabric. And I need to decide if I want my engagement ring and wedding band soldered together before the ceremony. I'm thinking no? But I have no basis for that decision...

I just have to say I left there feeling so happy and excited. I really like Fr. Medina a lot and I am so happy he is the one marrying us.


Ceremony Music

We also met up with another Kelley this weekend--but spelled "Kellie"--who is a wedding vocalist, to have her sing some songs for us so we could get a feel for her voice. She's been singing at weddings since 1997 and has sang for a few of my friends/family. I thought she had a pretty voice, but in order to have someone to compare her to, my mom is going to be listening to another lady on the 24th. I'm as of yet undecided on whether or not I want just a female, or male & female singers. I think it would be kind of cool to have both, so that they could not only do duets, but also change up the sound by each doing a couple of different songs during the ceremony. We'll have to see what the budget allows! I have a couple of male vocalist names, and Kellie was going to dig up a couple more for me.

Hearing her sing got me to thinking about songs for the ceremony. I absolutely LOVE music, so it's fun thinking about it. I'm leaning heavily towards the traditional Ave Maria, with the latin mixed in. It is an absolute fav and would be perfect for the dedication to the Blessed Mother. I also really like the song "The Prayer" that Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli sing together, which I was thinking of using for the unity candle. I'm a big fan of powerful voices like Celine Dion and Martina McBride. :)


All About Flowers

One of the things my mom and I worked on this weekend was flowers. We met with Catherine at Busch's Florist in Jefferson City to discuss our options for our fall color palette. Catherine was extremely helpful and very nice (and close to my age, which I think helped), walking us through everything we needed to consider, from my bouquet all the way to ceremony and reception flowers. I'm still waiting on the quote, but we both really liked Busch' we will likely be going with them as our florist. To me, flowers were really hard to think about and picture what they would look like together. We will definitely be going back a few months before the wedding when the fall flowers and colors are in the shop, so we can see our flower combos in person, and make any tweaks necessary.

Here is my latest inspiration picture for my bouquet:We ended up deciding on mango calla lilies, orange and peach roses, red alstroemeria, a red/yellow variety of chrysanthemum, hypericum berries, and a cute green filler that had a tinge of yellow flower that I can't remember the name of. The bouquet will be hand tied with a chocolate brown ribbon.

For Nate's boutonniere, this was my inspiration:
The bridesmaids will have scaled down versions of my bouquet, minus the calla lilies. And we just went with a simple orange rose for the groomsman. Parents and others with special duties will also be roses. And, of course, these are all tentative decisions, so they could change three times before the wedding! ;)

We were a little less sure when it came to ceremony and reception flowers. We basically did a big TBD, although Catherine was going to talk to the head floral designer about cool options for the tall skinny vases I'm thinking about for some of the tables. The church should be pretty simple. There's not a ton of room around the altar area, so maybe an arrangement for the center of the altar, and some flowers to decorate the candelabras. We may do bows on the pews, or I also like this idea of using cones with a few flowers in them (minus the ugly fan/ribbon thing on front):
I got this off of the Better Homes and Gardens site, where they have instructions on how to DIY!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Things...

happened this week. One good. One bad. Let's start with the bad first... I got the FLU! I am finally up and at 'em again after staying home Wednesday and Thursday from work. And of course, it never fails that when I'm sick, Nate is out of town. I'm always here to comfort him and make him soup when he's sick -- and then my turn comes around, and I just have to DEAL with it. I felt it coming on this weekend while we were home doing wedding stuff, and it came to a culmination Wednesday with a fever and some other unmentionables. Let's just say I slept ALL day, so by Thursday my fever was gone and I was feeling a bit better. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

The good news--and an early Valentine's Day present--is that on Tuesday I got THE CALL. What call, you may ask? Only the one telling me my wedding dress is IN! How exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time!!! It's a month and a half early! I'm not exactly sure when I'll be traipsing to the bridal shop to try it on and take it home, but no doubt it will be soon. I won't be able to wait long!

More to come about meeting my dress - and what was accomplished in Loose Creek last weekend!


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