Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MOB Dress Shopping - Part Dos

Sunday dawned with new dress hopes, and after stops at Michael's (I swear I've never shopped there so much in my life!), Kohl's and Lowe's for other reasons I cannot disclose razz, we were off to Brentwood where we stopped first at Demetrios. Since we got my dress and the bridesmaid dresses there, we thought they would have some nice mother-of-the-bride choices.

They really didn't end up having that many, but there was one dress from the Caterina line my mom really liked. It was a bit more than she was wanting to spend, but it was really nice and a similar style to the other she had liked at Dillard's:

However, once we got to talking to the sales associates about ordering the dress in chocolate brown (it comes in a few different colors) and how long it would take to ship, we realized we'd have to pay rush shipping and that would still be cutting it close for delivery. Not to mention adding to the cost even more! Based on how long it took for the bridesmaid dresses to come in, neither myself or my mom felt comfortable cutting it that close with the possibility of rushing around like mad close to the wedding, getting alterations, etc. So, we told them we'd think about it, but had pretty much made up our minds to keep looking.

We then headed across the street to The Galleria (yes, another mall!) to look there. We thought we'd give Macy's one more shot, to see if a different store carried different items. Nope, no love. We popped into Dillard's again, and lo and behold, they had some additional items we hadn't seen before. We spent a lot of time there again, but didn't really come up with anything else to put in the running.

So off to our last stop of the day, Nordstrom....and yes, at yet another mall. My car got a workout, as well as our feet! biggrin They have quite a bit of selection on Nordy's online, but the store we visited didn't have many of those items in stock. My mom found a two piece elegant skirt/top set she liked, but it only came it gray. Ick. But randomly walking through the mall we happened upon a store called Shaley Bugs, which sells bridal gowns and dresses off the rack. We looked through all their MOB dresses and tried on a few, but the miracle of the day, they had the Caterina dress above in her size for $40 cheaper in a color called copper. Not the brown she was hoping for, but the copper is just a shade darker than the bridesmaid dresses, so she would fit in nicely. She tried it on and liked it enough to put it on 5-day hold. She liked everything about it - the one con was the wasn't brown.

We thought Nordstrom was our last stop of the day, but a spur of the moment decision had us stopping off at Chesterfield Mall on our way home, to purchase the Cachet dress from day 1. Her thoughts? She liked both the Caterina and the Cachet and didn't want to miss out on the Cachet dress by letting it go too long. One thing we've learned throughout all this wedding planning is just buy can always be returned! She is going to stop at a couple more stores in Jeff City this week, after which she will make her decision.

So which will she choose? The bronze bombshell? The copper Caterina? Or something yet undiscovered? Only time will tell. And I'll let you find out at the wedding...



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