Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ahhh...DJ Chosen

Nate took a peek at the two DJ's I had narrowed it down to, and had a "gut" feel about Safari Sound. This is one of those things I didn't have much of an opinion about, so I went with it and booked them today! Ahhhh, one more thing to check off the list!

I've also been doing my research on musicians for the ceremony, with assistance from some very helpful bridesmaids. :) I hope to have a narrowed down selection of people to talk/listen to soon...


Friday, January 25, 2008

Cake Serving Set / Toasting Flutes

I've been doing quite a bit of browsing, and there are some really tacky cake serving sets out there! I just want something very simple, preferably just silver...no hearts, no flowers, no pearls, no see-though handles. Oy! Maybe people like that stuff... And affordable too, please. The best one I've come across so far, and trust me, no others have compared, is a set I found on the Macy's website by Waterford. I stopped in a Macy's the last time I was at the mall, so that I could see the set in person, and they don't carry it in the stores. Bummer! What do you guys think? Those of you that are married, what did yours look like?

Toasting flutes are also quite interesting. Maybe I'm too plain, but again...simple please! I'm not totally in love with anything in this realm. I found this Oreffors set on the Macy's website--again, not carried in the store--which is simple and classic. Any other ideas? Something a bit more modern? I showed the picture of the flutes to Nate randomly and asked if he liked them. Nope! :) I don't know how much weight I'm giving his opinion at this point, though.


Flower Girl Pretties

Our niece, Abbie...can I call her our niece if we're not married yet...probably not, but to hell with etiquette. Our niece Abbie is going to be the cutest flower girl ever! Nate's sister, Kym, picked out this adorable dress for her to wear, and it will have an orange sash around the waist...thanks to the sewing skills of Berni, Nate's mom. The dress is just perfect - very simple with just enough detail. And I love the three buttons on the back of the dress. It will coordinate wonderfully with mine!



Well, I officially got tired of waiting and was starting to get worried, so I stole the task of finding a DJ back from Nate. I could take his procrastination and claims of being too busy no longer. Ugh. And maybe this was his plan all along!? Hmm... I had my MOH Lindsey check into a DJ for me...she works with a guy who DJs. Booked! And booked every Saturday in October, for that matter. Then I called the guy my mom had spoken to and liked at the latest Jeff City Bridal Show (thankfully she went for me on the first weekend of January). Booked! Hmm, are we seeing a trend here? Luckily, the next three DJs I called were all available. Whew! I've narrowed it down to two, based on affordability, and they are Superior Sounds and Safari Sound. Now Nate and I just need to talk it over this weekend...hopefully, he has time for that! (wink, wink) And one more item can then be crossed off the list!


Monogram, anyone?

Okay, maybe I'm a bit of a dork, but I found the coolest site today! Check out I Do Originals. They have a TON of pre-made monograms!! I'm particularly fond of 15B and 15C, since they have a leaf incorporated...and somehow leaves are creeping into our stationary. The pre-made monograms can be customized with our names, of course, date, and wedding colors too. These could be used for so many things.....invites, programs, favors. Hmm, very tempting... And this site has reasonable prices too. I think I'm in love!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So our cake tasting adventures this weekend turned out great. We have a cake lady! Actually, I had made appointments at two places, and we didn't even go to the second. Talk about an easy decision! Can't they all be this way? The lady we hired works out of her home in a neighboring town. I had asked to make sure we could taste a sample of her cake, and when we got there she had a small, square, white cake iced and ready for us. About two bites in, as I was enjoying the smooth, moist texture of the cake and the perfect not over-the-top-with-sweetness icing, she mentioned that this cake had been frozen for 6 months, and she had just thawed it out the previous day. Six MONTHS! It had been frozen without icing, mind you...that was fresh....but if the cake tasted THAT good and moist after being frozen, think what a freshly baked one would taste like. Yum!

So, we went on to get a very reasonable price quote from her for a cake that serves 250 people...a little over a $1/slice. The other bakery we were going was going to be at least $2/slice..and that was just the base price! And since the cake I want is very simple, we were out of there in a half an hour! We're having white, chocolate, lemon and red carpet cake, with a buttercream frosting (off white, to match the color scheme of the day). There will be 5 square layers, each framed with a chocolate brown ribbon on the bottom section of the layer, held on with a small shell pattern of icing around the base of each. The rest of the icing will be smooth. And we will have flowers for the topper (variety TBD) as well as a few scattered about here and there on the other layers. I put the deposit check to her in the mail today!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Honeymoon!!! & STD

To continue with the picture theme, we recently booked our honeymoon. And we're going to...wait for it....Tahiti!!! I am so excited...you really have no idea!! It looks absolutely gorgeous, as you'll see from the pictures. Do you think we could just stay forever?! We're going for 11 days and we're actually going to Tahiti (1 night), Moorea (5 nights), and Bora Bora (4 nights). We'll be staying in these fabulous overwater bungalows, we get a few provided breakfasts and dinners, we get to swim with the sharks and rays, we get a rental car one day in Moorea, and we get to soak up the sun and scenery. I am getting tons of drinks with little umbrellas in them! :)I've also been working very diligently on our save the date (STD) cards. And no, STD does not stand for that other thing you're thinking. Shame on you! ;) My mom and I met with my aunt Donna right before Christmas, and Donna has been nothing but fabulous! We talked over what I had in mind, and we have been exchanging emails ever since. We just finalized the design this past week, and I am very happy with it. It brings in the burnt orange and brown colors and has a very modern feel. Now we're working on finalizing the guest list, so we can get the STD's out around the end of February. Be expecting yours in the mail around that timeframe!


Back in the Groove

Well, the holidays are over, so it's time to get back on the wedding planning wagon. But before I do, here are some quick highlights of how we spent our time off!

South Lake Tahoe
It was like 10 degrees...That's me with a warm alcoholic beverage
The Seibel/Brown clanChristmas #2 at my parents' house
New Year's Eve

Dancin' the night away



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