Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Makeup Trial

A few weekends ago between my trips to Seattle, I had my makeup trial for the wedding day. My friend Bethany had given me a suggestion for a makeup artist at a neighboring salon to hers, so on the day of the wedding we should just be able to walk between the two salons!

I couldn't have been more happy with Alisha at La Sienne. I went in with a few ideas, the main one being that I wanted to highlight my eyes and not my lips. Alisha was so nice and talked to me a bit about what makeup I normally wear, what the wedding colors were, etc. We ended up deciding on a combination of brown, gold, and a touch of green for the eyes and more of a nude color on the lips.

She was telling me that she actually prefers color on the lips no matter what, but I wanted to see what it looked like without. I told her I'd go home and take a picture to see how much the colors showed up on film. I certainly don't want to look washed out!

After seeing the pictures, I absolutely love the eyes. Case in point (and pardon that I look a little drunk...I'm not, I swear!)...

They are so pretty and will be perfect for fall. I love the gold shimmer and the touch of green brings out a bit of green in my eyes.

Now you'll notice my lips look quite bare. After seeing the nude lips in a picture, I think I've decided to go with some color on the wedding day. Here I am again after adding some colored lip gloss:

Peps it up a little, eh? So what do you think? The only other thing I think I may have Alisha do is add a bit more blush. Other than that, I'm pretty happy. I still have the natural "me" look, just amped up a little.



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