Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crafty Weekend

I'm finally getting around to posting about the crafty items Lindsey and I got completed two weeks ago. After our manicures and pedicures on Saturday, plus some dinner, we got started on the card box I want to put on the gift table. I wanted something that keeps the cards sealed or contained, so I used this "present" idea as my inspiration:
Instead of buying this off of Ebay for $109 eek, which is where my mom found this picture, I thought "I can make that!" My idea was to find some similar boxes and cover them with some inexpensive brown fabric using spray glue.

Here we are getting started measuring the boxes (aren't the colors lovely?!) to determine the size of the fabric pieces to cut out. I had recruited my dad earlier in the day to cut the holes in the boxes at the proper spots.

My idea ended up working quite well. The only real challenge was figuring out how to fold up the fabric on the sides of the boxes, but we just decided to do it like we would with wrapping paper on a present. And the spray glue was great...just had to keep from inhaling too much of it. Blech!

Our first successful box top!

And the three finished boxes!!

They turned out rather nicely! And all for the reasonable price of $25. smile We decided to wait on attaching the boxes together and adding the ribbon until later, maybe after transport when we're decorating the day before the wedding.

We spent the rest of Saturday night laminating more water bottle labels. I decided to go ahead with the water proof paper, hoping that laminating it would give it just enough protection to last. We may have an alternate solution with a refrigerated cooler anyway, so worrying over it might become a moot point. So....we cut out all the labels and ended up coving six Costco size cases worth of water on Sunday!

Finally, last but not least, I had purchased some bubbles for after the ceremony and wanted to dress them up a little with some ribbon. So we tied brown and orange ribbons around the bottles of bubbles. It would have helped to have small, nimble fingers for this particular project...which I do not have...but we ended up getting it done.

All in all, a VERY productive weekend. And thanks again Lindsey for all of your continuous help!



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