Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Guess...

...the third time really is a charm! Sort of. I received my iGage Weatherproof Paper in the mail on Monday evening and got a chance to give it a try on the water bottles last night.

Step 1: Ensure our inkjet printer will print on the paper.


Step 2: Cut out a printed label and adhere it to the water bottle with hot glue.


Step 3: Fill the sink with water and ice and toss the bottle in.


Step 4: Come back 20 minutes later and discover the label looks exactly the same as when you attached it...and for that matter, it's still attached!


Water bottle before submersing in water:

Water bottle after submersing in water:

Can you see a difference?! The color has slightly faded on the label that was in the water. Not so much that it looks bad, but I may have to give these a longer "in water" test to see if they'll hold enough color.

The suspense continues.



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