Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now I'm Sure!

Well, I spoke of our busy weekend on my last post. One of the places we visited was the florist. I was feeling uncertainty about choosing so many roses for the bouquets, corsages, and bouts. I just couldn't picture what the color was going to look like and when I think of my wedding flowers, my mind doesn't immediately think "roses" know? Catherine at Busch's was nice enough to order in three different colors of orange/yellow roses so that I could see them in person. And after I saw them my confidence returned. These are the roses that will be in my bouquet...

The two in the front vases are both 'Miracle' roses. The front one obviously being brighter. And I don't think this picture even does them justice. They were bright. Loved 'em!

The yellow rose in the back with the orange/reddish edge was called a 'Circus' rose. I think it is so pretty with the delicate color on the tips. I'll have three 'Miracle' and three 'Circus' roses in my bouquet.

Still left to determine is which roses to put in the BM bouquets, the toss bouquet, and the bouts.

The other item we looked at while there was our table arrangement. I'm really loving the way this turned out. Since the last time we saw it, they have added in some orange grass, which I think gives it just the right splash of color.
Again, the colors in these pictures are a bit hard to pick out. It looked really cool in person. smile Very simple, but exactly what I wanted. There is orange grass, an orange ting ting, brown wheat, green and brown grass, mini brown cattails, and a dried date branch. The only request I had for the arrangement was to try and fan it out a bit more. Catherine mentioned we made have to include an additional item to achieve that look, so I'll have to work with her on that.

I left there feeling pretty good about the flowers. On to the next adventure!



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