Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They Came. We Glued.

and cut...

and glued...

and cut...

Invitation activities commenced at 10 am on Saturday morning. There was food, chatter, laughter, a little classic rock in the background, and most of all...HARD WORK. We began with the bridal shower invitations. We had a nice assembly line going and were halfway through when Lindsey exclaimed, "Oh no...my phone number is wrong." (Her phone number is on the invitations for RSVP's).

Kelley: What?!

Lindsey: It's 9398, not 9397.

Kelley: You're kidding?! That's why I sent these to you to proofread!

Lindsey: Wait...that's my sisters number. We can make it work. I'll just talk to her.

Kelley: Okay...

Fast forward a bit... We've completed the bridal shower invitations and are writing out envelopes.

Lindsey: Oh no...

Kelley: What's wrong?

Lindsey: My number is REALLY wrong. I thought it was just the last four digits, but it's the first three too.

Kelley: You. are. kidding.

Lindsey: No, it's 619, not 680.

Kelley: S**t. If we would have realized this before we started gluing, we just could have printed on the other side!

Well, our first roadblock turned out to be our only roadblock. We made a snazzy different colored square with the re-printed information to cover up the mistake. Becky used her superb measuring skills and they were as good as new. And really, it just looks like an additional design element. No one will ever know...except those of you that read this!

With those invitations and some lunch under our belts, the bachelorette party invitations were created quickly. Our final task of the day was to get a start on some of the elements of the wedding invitations. We glued the invitation to colored backing and a monogram to colored backing. Lindsey and I had to make an extra run to Michael's in the middle of gluing, as we ran out of glue dots and tape rollers. Apparently you can never have enough. neutral

And then the big, monotonous job for the day....envelopes. I wanted to line the envelopes with a colored paper to make them look classy. While some think I'm crazy, everyone was a good sport about it. This was by far the most tedious because we had to trace, cut out an odd shape by hand, and then glue...all this about 140 times. Luckily towards the end Nate arrived home from golfing and started making us martinis. Thank the Lord!

(Notice the festive martinis)

Invitation activities concluded at 5:30 pm. Needless to say, I was ready to stop...as I'm sure everyone else was. We'll probably have to have one more marathon invitation day and we'll be completed.

Who has the bestest friends in the world? I do! Thanks girls!! wink



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