Monday, July 14, 2008

Mountain Wedding

The wedding on Mount Hood began at 4:30 with temps around 60 degrees. Mazama Lodge was a really rustic, beautiful location.
During the ceremony they combined a few different religious traditions, which made it very unique. The bride and groom are both big into nature, as you can probably guess from the location.

They got married under this Jewish chuppah, and their rings were actually in those ribbons hanging from the chuppah. They each wrote their own vows and they were so sincere and sweet.

Everyone in the wedding party was very casual and everyone wore sandals, even the bride and groom. Talk about comfy!

And the best part...they knew how to keep a keg cold!

All of the food that we ate was locally grown and produced. The grooms mom and sister even baked pies from locally grown fruit, so we had wedding pie instead of cake! Pie a la mode, in fact. The decorations in the middle of each table were different herbs--at our table it was a basil plant. And our favors were packages of herb seeds.

It was a very unique wedding and they did very well in making it their own. We had a great time relaxing and enjoying the cool temps. We'd definitely go back. smile



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