Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Productive: adjective

1.having the power of producing; generative;
2.producing readily or abundantly; fertile;
3. getting many wedding related items accomplished;

Ah, the weekend. I don't know what got into us, but boy did we do A LOT! As you know from my previous post, Nate had narrowed down his favorite wedding bands to three. We met with Marc again on Thursday night, and got to check out this band in person:

Nate definitely liked it, but he was still hanging on to his like of this one as well:
I thought the white gold band was perfect--classy and traditional. Nate liked the cable ring because it was cool and different. I thought it was too casual. Marc was nice enough to loan us the rings for a couple of days, so we could bring them home and show Nate's parents. Berni sided with me on the white gold band and we all know mom's know best! We went back on Saturday morning and put the white gold band on layaway. And I told Marc to keep the cable ring written on Nate's chart. It would be great for a birthday or Christmas gift!

After our stop at the jeweler, we swung by Savvi to pick out tuxes. Nate ended up deciding on this three button black Perry Ellis jacket (please ignore the Fabio-like model):

He will be wearing a chocolate vest and tie, and the groomsman will be wearing a burnt orange vest and tie to match the bridesmaids. Still undecided on the dads...although everything I've read says their vests and ties should be black. The ushers will be in orange as well, and the ring bearer of course matches the groom. Now we just have to get measurements from all the guys in the next few months!

While we were at the mall, we also stopped by Macy's to start our registry. I had started our registry online and added a few items to it before we went to the store. But apparently that was not a good idea. The lady trying to help us with our registry just flat out couldn't find it online! We had to start from scratch--and then, of course, ended up having TWO Macy's registries and had to have one deleted. Geh. Once we finally got our scanner and started walking around the store, we were struggling with what to register for. Bed and bath items are a challenge because we're planning on moving, so we're not sure what our future house will looks like...colors, rooms, etc. We tried to a least register for some neutral towels and a new guest bedroom bed set, so hopefully we'll be able to use those! And there's always a few more kitchen items....I hope our next kitchen isn't any smaller... You can check out our registry here.

Other accomplishments included:
-Berni found the fabric to make table runners
-We bought a flower girl basket and unity candle
-We played with centerpiece ideas
-The limo was reserved for the bridal party

Yay for productivity!!

Exhaustion: noun
1.the act or process of exhausting.
2.the state of being exhausted.
3.extreme weakness or fatigue.


Lisa,  April 22, 2008 at 1:23 PM  

You found a flower girl basket? Did you get the pricey one you really wanted, or you found another one you liked?

Sounds like you DID have a productive weekend!

Kelley April 23, 2008 at 10:07 AM  

No, not the pricey one. I just couldn't fathom paying $40 for that thing. Berni and I stumbled upon one at Hobby Lobby when we were out browsing. It's pretty simple...just has a wide knotted piece of fabric (not really bows, per se) on each end where the handle meets the basket.


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