Wednesday, April 30, 2008


No, I do not have my shoes back yet. But I'm just as curious as you are, believe me. Hopefully I will have those in my anxious hands tomorrow night. And oh yes, my dress too!

Instead tonight I am writing about all the choices that are presented to a bride these days. Uh, dress? White or ivory? Or maybe champagne? What length train? Beading? Lace? What kind of fabric? Strapless? No? You get my point...and that was just an example of all the choices associated with ONE item. My current dilemma has to do with accessories to compliment my dress. Take the veil for instance--short, long , or somewhere in between? These are my two current favorites:
But I seem to change my mind on a weekly basis these days. It's a veil, why is it so difficult? And then there's jewelry. I think I've finally decided that I want earrings and a bracelet. No necklace. So what kind of earrings? More of a classic look like these from White Aisle?

Or maybe these from Estillo Weddings?
Or something more elegant like these from Ophelia's Jewels, which bring in both the pearl elements (on my shoes) and the crystals (which are on my dress) .

So maybe these are best?! You see what I mean? TOO MANY CHOICES! I sure hope that once I figure out the earrings the bracelet choice will be easier. :)



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