Sunday, June 1, 2008

Invitations, Menus, Escort Cards, Oh My!

I have dedicated a large part of this weekend to stationary. There are quite a few paper items that go into a wedding and since working with paper is one of my very favorite things, I've added a few more!

I had already come up with a design for the bridal shower and bach party invites (you know, helping out the bridesmaids smile), so now that I've got my paper I did some printing for those. There's still plenty of work to do - enough that the "girls" are getting together the end of this month to assemble invites. And one of my bridesmaids, Jen, is going to help me next Saturday with some prep work before we have our girls weekend - like the dye cutting, punching, regular cutting, etc. So that way, hopefully all we'll have to do is lots of gluing and a little detailed stamping and punching when the girls are here.

I've also ordered the paper for the wedding invitations and have been working diligently with my aunt on those. I'm hoping that the paper will arrive soon and my aunt will be able to cut it down before the invite making weekend, so then we'll be able to get started making the wedding invites too!

So today, I started playing with some of my other ideas. The first is a menu. I thought it would add a nice touch to have an individual dinner menu at each seat at the reception. Not only is it informational, but I think it will add a nice detail to the tables. I'm picturing trying to somehow wrap the napkin around the bottom of the menu and lay it at each place setting. Our monogram has worked it's way into being part of our theme, so I'm using it on a lot of the stationary items to tie them all together. Here is what I came up with:
I used the monogram at the top of the menu.
I added these cute little leaves to separate the sections. I made the leaves using a paper punch I found at Archivers.
The whole she-bang! Once I figured out the design, this was really a snap to make. Keep in mind that this is just a draft version, so the food may not be entirely correct and the paper will be ivory and not white....but you get the general idea.

I also begin thinking about table numbers and escort cards. Nate and I decided we wanted to assign tables for a couple of reasons:

  1. We're having a lot of out-of-town people; we can force them to mingle! biggrin
  2. We're renting tables; assigning tables will ensure maximized use of space.
So here are the designs I'm playing with... The escort card:
Simple, but I wanted to do something with the table number itself in a script font...and I thought it looked cool to push it off the paper. I'm thinking maybe a watermarked leaf might look good on the right side...I'll have to play with that.

And here's the table number I created:
It's going to be tent style, so all we have to do is print them and fold them in half. This is also very simple, but it brings in both of the wedding colors...and is super easy!

I'm starting to feel like all the stationary ideas swimming around in my head are coming together!



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