Monday, June 23, 2008

We May Have A Winner...

For the last couple of months, we've been on the hunt for a signature drink, specifically a martini, for our wedding reception. Not only was the flavor important, but I was also looking for something with a nice orange color to go with the theme. We've tried two or three previously, but never found anything fantastic. Well, last night may have changed things! One of Nate's co-workers suggested trying a combination of Absolut Mandarin, blood orange juice, regular orange juice, and triple sec. Here's how it came out (next to our orange coaster, so you get an idea of the color):

Not bad on the color, eh? 1 for 2. And the taste? I think it's quite smooth and refreshing, if you like orange flavored things, which I certainly do. This could be it! 2 for 2. Nate suggested that we try it with regular vodka (as it would be cheaper en mass) to see if that makes a big taste difference. Always looking to save money! He also mentioned possibly trying to substitute Cointreau for the Triple Sec to see how that tastes. This coming Saturday is when the girls are helping me with invitations, so I think we may be tasting some martini recipe variations! No complaints here!! cool



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