Monday, June 2, 2008


As some of you know, we went down to Huntsville, AL over Memorial Day weekend to visit some friends. We left town on Thursday night after work (really late - like 9:00pm) and had planned to stay in Nashville that night. Thank goodness...because we got there at 1:30am!

Once we rolled out of bed the next morning, we made our way to downtown Nashville. We were only minutes from there, as we stayed at the Vanderbilt University Marriott. The main street in town is Broadway, and that's where a majority of the bars and shops are located. We were hungry, so we randomly chose a place called Legends Corner:

We ordered ourselves a couple of beers, some lunch, and then sat down to listen to these gentleman:
The singer was very good, but Nate and I decided what his problem was...he sounds like every other guy singer in country music these days. Nothing really "fresh." The dynamic of the Nashville bars is very interesting during the day time. When we arrived, we were the only ones in the bar. Then we heard the bartenders and musicians talking about a Greyhound bus that had just passed by. We kept hearing "Are they stopping?" or "Is it just a drive-by?" Since the musicians work strictly for tips, they keep a close eye on those buses. While we were there, two different bus groups came in, stayed for a few songs, and then were gone again. I guess they do a quick tour of many of the bars on Broadway. Very interesting. The musicians knew the bus driver by name, too. During one of the busy times, we caught a picture of this couple dancing:
We were having a nice, relaxing time and before we knew it a couple of hours had passed. We had planned to go check out the Grand Ol' Opry, but decided we would save that for another trip and just hang out in the bar. Besides all the record covers they had plastered on the bar walls, they had a framed guitar that Johnny Cash used for something like 10 years. He donated it to the bar:

After we left the bar, we nosed around in several of the shops. I bought myself a Johnny Cash t-shirt. biggrin Then we were on our merry way to Huntsville.



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