Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We made it to Huntsville right around 5:30pm. Our friends Dave and Michelle live in a beautiful neighborhood and their house is great. And I have absolutely no pictures to show you. Once we got to Huntsville, I apparently forgot about my camera! We had a lovely BBQ dinner that night, got to meet their friends Amy and Shawn, and then woke up the next morning and headed to their friends Eric & Sharon's lakehouse.

And for a lakehouse, this was fantastic. It was over 4000 square feet. We were roughing it, let me tell you! And yep, no pictures of that either. smile We spent Saturday and Sunday living it up at Smith Lake. We sunbathed, went boating, ate, drank, mingled...it was heaven! There were quite a few 13-year old girls running around, as Eric and Sharon have a 13-year old daughter, but that was easy to get over. Here are the few pictures I captured during our time there:Nate jumping off the dock...it was two story.

And Amy and Michelle sunbathing. That's it! I guess I was way too relaxed to be snapping pictures.

It really was a fabulous time. Eric and Sharon were so hospitable and they had a lovely wraparound porch where we spent both of our evenings. You can bet we'll be back if we ever get down that way again!



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