Friday, September 26, 2008

The Week Before The Week Of....

This truly has been a fantastic week! Each day brings fewer items left on my "to do" list. In fact, it's now shorter than a half page. I am definitely an organizer, planner, and list maker. I get such a thrill from scratching an item of my list. redface

Anywho, I've spent the week confirming with all of our vendors: the florist, caterer, DJ, photographer, rental place, chair cover place, our decorator, etc, etc. And I'm feeling so good about things. All I can say is I've done my best and if anything goes wrong, oh well. I'm to that "let's just get on with it" point. I have definitely had fun planning and organizing, but I truly am just ready to get married. And I haven't forgotten that's what all of this is about!

One other huge thing that was accomplished this week was our seating chart. I pestered Nate all weekend because he told me he was going to help. Well, his "help" turned out being helping me figure out the two tables his family would be sitting at. Uh, hello? If I knew that was all he was going to help with, I could have started the thing on Saturday morning, instead of spending the entire weekend waiting on him and staying up until midnight on Sunday working on the stupid thing. It's partly my fault though. I mean, considering how much he has helped up until this point, why would I have expected more? wink Anyway, the good news is that after several calls to my mom, the seating chart is complete! And I have sent off the list to my aunt, to begin creating the escort cards.

Did I mention the wedding is in 8 days? Wahoo!



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