Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Packet

So I think I've mentioned my need for organization before, yes? Maybe a few times?! razz So this probably won't surprise you. Although, maybe it will. It surprised me how long it turned out! I admit maybe it was a bit over the top, but not for a J-personality type* like myself. And it was as much for my own sanity as it was for helping everyone else know where to be and when. That’s right- I created a 17-page “Wedding Weekend Packet” for all involved! It took me most of Labor Day weekend (with a couple of emotional breakdowns...) to really get everything right. Plus, my poor mom read over it more than once, but I did eventually get it completed and I sent it out to everyone on Sunday!

Now what could possibly take up 17 pages you ask? Here’s a glimpse into my pride and joy…

I began with a cover letter introducing the packet to our family and friends. The contents were as follows:

  • Logistics overview
  • Overview of weekend events
  • Detailed wedding weekend schedule
  • Map, shuttle, and directions
  • Description of roles
  • Photo sharing

The Logistics Overview. A list of key wedding day contacts (aka people to call if you have absolutely no clue what is going on), key locations and their addresses, and a list of the key events taking place over the course of the weekend.

Overview of Weekend Events. A three-page more detailed list of all the key events taking place over the wedding weekend, including our rehearsal, our rehearsal dinner, the wedding, all the way through to a brunch the day after. Under each event, I provided the date and time, location, point person to contact, who was required to attend, and a brief description of the event.

Detailed Wedding Day Schedule. This was probably a little overwhelming for some (or all) at first, but I sincerely hope this will help our wedding go incredibly smoothly! It is a four-page schedule listing the main activities, underneath which I broke out specific activities, all in time increments. It listed each activity next to the time and the parties involved. Here’s a glimpse…

Map, Shuttle, and Directions. Pretty self-explanatory. This was a three-page section that included a map of Jefferson City/Loose Creek (which I created using Wedding Mapper and then just taking a screen-shot of the image), directions from the airport to the hotel(s), hotel(s) to the church, and the church to the reception site. I also included the shuttle schedule.

Description of Roles. This section was four pages long and detailed out the specific responsibilities of different people involved, preempting any last minute wedding day confusion. I included what activities they needed to be present for, what time to arrive, and what they were on point for. Of course, people didn’t have to read all four pages...all they had to do was jump to their section (i.e. bridesmaids, lectors, etc.).

Photo Sharing. This section was created in hopes that our guests will be taking digital pictures at the wedding. I setup an account on Flickr and provided guests the login and password information, so they can share their pictures with us!

That about sums up “The Packet”! I got crap from some people razz, but in the end, I do hope everyone appreciated it! If nothing else, going through the process of creating this at least gave me peace of mind, and will allow me to relax and enjoy my own wedding day…which was reason enough for me! smile

*I am referring to the Myers-Briggs personality types. A “J” personality tends to approach the world with a plan, prefers to be organized and prepared, and has a tendency toward closure and completion (as opposed to taking a more adaptive go-with-the-flow approach).



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