Friday, September 5, 2008

Guest Pictures...All In One Place

So many digital cameras… so many ways to get pictures from your friends and family! I know we'll have some amateur photographers running around with digital cameras at our wedding, so what better than to create somewhere where everyone can upload their photos to one place? I, for one, would certainly love to see the moments everyone captures.

There are an abundance of websites that make collecting photos from others online quite simple, and it can often be difficult to choose how you’re going to do it. After weighing the alternatives, I opted to ask guests to submit their photos to flickr for quite a few reasons:

  • I wanted anyone (including myself) to be able to download the photos in the full resolution
  • Personalized web address for easy viewing
  • Organization tools that let me rearrange the photos into sets and groups as I’d like
  • “Privacy” function for photos — they’d still be uploaded and available to me, but not to everyone
  • Super easy and reliable uploading tools
  • Easy way to upload all of the professional photos for viewing

So, I created an account with an easy login and password for our guests, and quickly paid the $25 upgrade fee to make it a “pro” account to allow unlimited uploads. Then I bugged my aunt with my newest crazy, hair-brained scheme and had her try something for me...including the information on the inside of the escort cards! Everyone is going to get one and it's wasted real estate anyway, so I think it'll be great!!

If you'll recall, here is what our escort cards will look like:

And here is what I had her add to the inside:

I certanly hope 1) They notice this, 2) They remember to take these home and 3) The pictures start to roll in after the wedding.

I do have a bit of a picture fetish to go along with my paper obsession, so I hope this works! mrgreen



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