Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Last....

Last week was a week of lasts. I got my hair cut and highlighted for the last time. I've been diligently growing out my hair so that I can wear it in a half up style, so it was really just a trim. But I was so tempted to tell her just to cut a ton off. wink Instead, we just talked about cutting a ton off. It gave me something to look forward to, anyway. Not sure if I'll do the chop at my next appointment after the honeymoon or wait until spring, but only time will tell. I'm thinking some kind of bob... That would be totally different for me. And hopefully different = good. eek

I hadn't had my hair highlighted in probably a year and a half, but I wanted something subtle and natural looking for the wedding. Jamie, my hairstylist, was able to pull that off to a "T." I've got just enough honey color in my hair to give it a sun-kissed look. Jamie's comment was, "That's the best color I've done in awhile." Thank goodness it was on me! exclaim

The other "last" I did last week was I tried on my wedding gown one final time before the wedding. It was my final fitting at the bridal shop, which went very well. I was given instructions on how to bustle the dress and hook and zip it in the back. So hopefully I can pass on my knowledge to those helping me dress! I got to take my dress home with me, so it's hanging in the guest bedroom closet right now, waiting for it's moment in the spotlight.



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