Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Should Have Brought an Ark

This past weekend was quite the busy one. Since Nate's parents were in town, we took advantage of it and did some wedding related stuff in Jefferson City and Loose Creek. But first, the ordeal of getting there.... Don't know how many of you have heard about the rain and flooding in Missouri lately, but we certainly experienced it. Let me preface this with the fact that before we left the house on Friday, I checked the MODOT website for flooding on the roads. I'm sure you can see where this is going. We took the more scenic country route to my parents house instead of I-70, which is just flat out....booooring. About halfway there, we saw some crazy flooding in a town called Union that had completely covered the outer road along I-44. And then everything was fine until we got 30 miles away from our destination. Then, sure enough, there was a flashing highway sign warning us of flooding 18 miles ahead on Highway 50. We had to jog north on Highway 19 all the way to I-70 after all - then make our way west again - then south - then east. My, my. Our two hour trip ended up taking about four hours. Not that it wasn't a pretty day to be driving, but jeez! AND, of course, going north on 19 we got stuck behind this big truck hauling a small tractor thing that was throwing mud and rocks at us, with no opportunity to pass. Argh! Thanks a lot MODOT for updating your website on a regular basis - I'm glad to know you are really reliable for future occasions.

Once we actually got to Loose Creek, we took Berni & Dave for the three minute tour of the town. We swung by the church where we'll be having the ceremony and the community center where we'll be having the reception. Now B&D can picture those places when we're talking about decorations and details. After picking up Nate from the bar at Madison's Cafe (Nate had to drive in later - and thanks to our adventurous trip got to avoid the flooding - and he was at the bar...) we all sat down for dinner to try some of the options we can provide guests for the rehearsal dinner. It was a nice time, relaxing after all the decorating chatter.

Saturday we met with our decorating lady, Laurie...finally....and did some brainstorming and threw around layout and decoration ideas for the reception. Nate is quite proud that his original idea for the layout (which was in a previous post) is what we decided on, and what Laurie could definitely envision. From there we headed to the rental place to reserve round tables, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, etc. After some lunch and due to incessant complaining, the guys were told we could do better without them, and they we sent on their way. Then the girls stopped by the florist and talked over a few additional things - ceremony and reception arrangements - and a deposit was made to hold our date. Check. From there, we headed to the Capital Plaza Hotel, to try and talk to someone about a guest shuttle. No luck, the lady we needed to talk to wasn't working Saturday. Finally, we dropped back by Madison's so Berni could talk to someone in-depth about the rehearsal dinner. Check.

Saturday night was spent eating a fabulous dinner cooked by the guys...and Sunday was Easter breakfast at my grandparent's house. All in all...a very accomplished weekend.



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