Sunday, March 2, 2008

We Have...

a singer! I just got an email from Connie Andrews today, stating that she had put us on her calendar for October 4th! The next time we're back home after our trip this month, which will likely be May, we'll have to meet with her to discuss options for music. Yay! Another check off the list.

I also DRESS! My parents ended up coming here for the weekend, so today my mom and I did a little shopping and picked up my dress. I was excited and nervous about it at the same know, wondering if I had made the right choice, but excited to see it again. And I have to say, there's no doubt that I LOVE it. It is absolutely perfect...I fell in love all over again. It fits pretty well, however I will definitely have to have the top altered (ya know, the boob area...that's not one of my strong points!), as well as some length taken off the bottom. It is hanging in the guest bedroom closet right now. Eek! So now it's on to finding some gorgeous jewelry and the perfect veil. I already purchased these shoes, which I think are just so pretty and elegant:

Now I just have to get them dyed ivory to match my dress!



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