Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now Back.... our regularly scheduled programming as we continue the chronicle of Kelley and Nate's honeymoon adventure in French Polynesia....

As you may have noticed in some of the pictures from our snorkeling adventure on the motu, it was a bit cloudy and overcast that day. Well, it ended up pouring rain that afternoon. Pouring!! We had a nice nap during the rainstorm and then woke up to this...

This really is paradise, isn't it? biggrin

That evening for dinner we had signed up for the Tahitian barbeque and dance show at our resort. Due to the rainy weather earlier in the day, we weren't able to dine outside in the wet sand, so they moved everything indoors. There were spreads of everything imaginable, mostly authentic Tahitian cuisine, but there was some Western food available as well. I've probably mentioned it before, but I think my favorite thing to eat on the trip, besides anything with vanilla in it, was all the fresh fruit. It has never tasted so good. And of course, one of the best parts of the buffet was the dessert table. I tried a bit of everything and distinctly remember biting into a tiramasu-like creation and nearly spitting it out... Coffee. Ick!

Once we were finished with dinner, things started to get exciting. The Tahitian dancers showed up!

Unfortunately, they also had a crowd participation part of the show and our table was obviously too close to the front of the room...or now that I'm thinking about it, maybe the Tahitian guy thought I was cute?! wink Anyhow, apparently I didn't make the least amount of eye contact because one of the Tahitian guys ended up pulling ME onstage.

Uh, for those who know me well, I'm totally not the "everyone look at me" type. We were supposed to be shaking our hips like the Tahitian women, but I was out of my comfort zone and I just didn't seem to have the gyrations down....

Luckily they didn't make me suffer too long and ended the show with one final dance.

Although this was probably one of our most expensive dinners, it was truly worth it to experience the Tahitian cuisine and the Tahitian dancers at their finest!



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