Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls Getaway, Day 2

Can we rewind one second to the mini golf excursion? I totally forgot about our photo booth experience. I'm not sure if I've ever posed inside one of these, but we had a blast...and got a good quad workout in the process from squatting down. Oh, and Lisa is the one in the front, who is half there and half not. smile

252 - Photo Strip

Okay, on to day two! We had reserved one of the cabanas at the spa pool for the entire day. What's a cabana? Well, let me show you...

191 - DSC04072

As you can see, we had our own little private area all to ourselves. And let me tell you, this was prime real estate as it was sometimes hard to find an open lounge chair around the spa pool! The cabana was half in the sun and half covered, so when you got hot you could sit in the shade to cool off. We had our own waitress for ordering food and drinks (oh yeah!) and we were provided water and fresh fruit for the taking.

192 - DSC04080

And the view out the back of our cabana was beautiful.

193 - DSC04074

We got some sun, snacked, read...I'm telling you, so relaxing! Don't we look like we're enjoying being lazy?

195 - DSC04082

We arrived at our cabana sometime late morning, so eventually we got hungry for lunch and perused the spa menu to see what they had to offer. I ordered some wonderful grilled shrimp and asparagus and we got a cheese plate to share.

196 - DSC04083

After lunch, we had another hour or two before our daily spa appointments were scheduled. We had all signed up for the Native Hot Stone Massage. It was my first hot stone massage ever and it was so relaxing. One funny thing, I actually had 3 or 4 red marks in the shape of rocks on my back when we returned to our room later. Apparently, this is normal for some people and they eventually went away later that evening. Kind of freaky when you first notice them, though! razz

At some point during the day, we took advantage of the hot tub inside the ladies spa locker room.

201 - DSC04093

There was a hot tub, steam room, showers and womens' lounge to take advantage of inside. We were sad to leave our cabana at the end of the day, but were so glad we had splurged to rent one. So worth it!

When we arrived back at our room from the spa, there was a mysterious package waiting for us. I was pretty confident it was from Lisa's husband - he's just the type that would do that sort of thing. Sure enough...

203 - DSC04102

He had ordered us chocolate covered strawberries from Sherri's Berries. How sweet of him! And the strawberries were sweet too. Yum!

Before we ruined our dinner plans and ate all the strawberries, we decided to get cleaned up and head out for another night on the town. We had asked our driver the previous night for a mexican restaurant recommendation and he recommended Los Olivos in Old Town Scottsdale.

205 - DSC04108

The food was delicious...and they had the biggest tortillas I have ever seen!

207 - DSC04105

After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant--I was sooo full--we headed for the local movie theatre. We had collectively decided to see a chick flick, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

The movie, as I kind of expected, was predictable and slightly cheesy. However, you can't go wrong with Matthew McConaughey. He is a fine specimen to look at!

208 - DSC04115

Another day of our trip came to a close. I was definitely feeling my stress escape me the longer we were away - and I slept so well and got some much needed rest while I was there! Only one more full day was ahead of us...



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