Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls Getaway, Day 3

On Sunday we got up--at whatever timed we wanted, I might add!--and after changing into our swim gear and cover ups, we moseyed down to our usual spot, Rita's Kitchen, for breakfast. Here's a look at the scenery we experienced during our walk.

210 - DSC04116

You literally could walk everywhere at the resort. It was so nice to park the car and just leave it! Rita's was where we had our free breakfasts and they had a huge variety of food. They had a made to order grill, where you could get omelets, pancakes, eggs, you name it. There was fresh fruit, pastries, yogurt and cereal, and ready made meats, potatoes and eggs. Yum-o. And during breakfast, there was always entertainment.

227 - DSC04122

After breakfast, we walked around a bit to try and document the beauty of the resort with our cameras.

221 - DSC04150

218 - DSC04158

134 - DSC04153

We also made our way to the other pool at the resort, where all the families were hanging out. After a quick walk through, we decided the adult only pool was the way to go!

136 - DSC04188

137 - DSC04191

We made our way back up the street towards the spa.

232 - DSC04240

We snagged three of the much sought after lounge chairs when we arrived. We proceeded to spend several hours in the sun. I had a few strawberry daiquiris and read probably half a book while lounging. Ahhh.... cool

Before I knew it, it was time to head into the spa for our final spa treatments of the trip. I was scheduled for the Adobe Clay Purification Treatment. This was definitely my first "body treatment" ever. Basically, you are completely naked except for the towels aptly placed over your privates. For my treatment, I was laying on this huge table/tub. I was covered in adobe clay and then wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with blankets. Then, the technician (I'm sure this isn't the proper term) massaged a wonderfully smelling lavender mint conditioner in my hair and left me to marinate for about 20 minutes. When she returned, she unwrapped me and turned on this huge bank of shower heads directly above me. There were probably 8-10 of them! She removed the clay with a loofah (my least favorite part...ouch!). For the final touch, she applied juniper sage oil, which had a very relaxing quality and smell.

I will certainly do another body treatment someday at a spa, but next time I'll be sure to pick one without a loofah'ing component. I'm sure it removed my dead skin, though!

As we were leaving the spa for the day, we snapped a picture of the pool. Ah, memories.

190 - DSC04260

I had an interesting time walking back, as I was slimy and slippery from the oils. I waited to take a shower until I absolutely had to, so the moisture could soak into my skin as much as possible. We decided to eat at the resort that evening, so there was no huge hurry to get to dinner. Once we were ready, we took a jaunt to Mummy Mountain, which was right past the spa.

235 - DSC04272

Mummy Mountain was a replica of a ghost town that they had created on the resort, complete with an outhouse, wagons, windmill and even tepee.

236 - DSC04275

243 - DSC04278

242 - DSC04286

239 - DSC04283

We even tried our hand at the camera timer to snap a picture of the three of us.

247 - DSC04297

It was dusk so it's lacking some light, but not too bad considering. After we departed the ghost town, we stopped at the bar for an appetizer and drink before dinner. Behold, my pear martini.

249 - DSC04303

This drink was so good that I actually noted down all the ingredients so I could make it when I returned home. If you're interested:

pear vodka
prickly pear syrup

Now the tricky part is the measurements. I haven't made it yet because I need to acquire some prickly pear syrup, but once I do (thank goodness for online shopping) I'll let you know how it turns out.

We had dinner at BLT Steak, and yes, you guessed it, I ordered steak...a sirloin to be exact. Coming from Missouri, I wasn't terribly impressed by the beef, plus they overcooked mine which is just a no no.

But our girly conversation made up for the mediocre meal. We couldn't believe how fast the time had gone - couldn't believe we had to pack up and leave the next morning. However, we were all convinced it was well worth the expense to get away from every day life for awhile--to relax, catch up and bond. I count my lucky stars to have such good girlfriends.

Hopefully this will soon become an annual escape. I know I'm already contemplating next year... Scottsdale will be hard to beat!

250 - DSC04304


Heather August 25, 2009 at 1:36 AM  

I loved reading about your girls weekend!! It really makes me want to go to this spot.

Kelley August 25, 2009 at 8:06 AM  

Thanks for the comment Heather! Glad to know someone out there is reading. Yes, Scottsdale was a great spot - I would highly recommend it! If you ever need suggestions or more details, just let me know. :)

Angela August 25, 2009 at 1:04 PM  

After reading your blog about Arizona, I am ready to go back! Do you really think we can find a place that great to go in 2010?!

Kelley August 26, 2009 at 12:51 PM  

I think it's possible, Ang! I'd love to experience a "new" place every year. Nothing may compare though since this was our first trip, but I hope so!


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