Friday, August 7, 2009

Moorea, Winding Down

For our final full day in Moorea, we decided to rent a jet ski and go out on the water in the morning for about an hour. Riding a jet ski there involves a guide, as you have to be very careful of where you ride due to the low depths in the lagoon and the coral.

It was amazing seeing the mountainous and lush island from the water. Definitely a whole different perspective.

Jet Ski Adventure

Nate wanted to drive and I didn't mind being the 2nd rider. I just had to hold on really tight. I didn't want to be the numskull that fell off the jet ski.

Jet Ski Adventure

I just couldn't get over the amazing blue color of the water the whole trip. Now if it got in your eyes, that was another story! Thank goodness for sunglasses that stay in place while riding a jet ski. I was getting sprayed the whole time!

Jet Ski Adventure

Our guide seemed to be quite experienced (he was smoking a cigarette on a jet ski!) and he was able to point out a school of dolphin to us while we were out on the water.

The hour flew by, but we had a lot of fun and were glad we decided to jet ski. The island is just gorgeous!

Jet Ski Adventure

When we returned to the resort from our time out on the water, we grabbed some snorkeling gear from the rental place by the beach. One nice thing about the resort was that snorkeling gear and canoes and kayaks were free to rent at any time. We got out on a kayak a couple of times and paddled around our bungalow area. As for the snorkeling, we could snorkel right off of our bungalow dock or there was a great spot under the bridge leading to our bungalow that had tons of fish.

This particular day I saw a huge school of these fish with zebra tails (I'm sure that's their scientific name razz)...

Snorkeling at our resort

Besides the snorkeling, we spent most of the afternoon chilling on the beach and enjoying our last day in beautiful Moorea. Later in the afternoon I walked around one last time, snapping pictures of the pretty flowers, the resort and this huge old tree....

Purple flowers

One last time...

An old tree

...all in hopes of capturing a small piece of this magnificent place to take home with me.



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