Thursday, May 22, 2008

Music to My Ears

I write this as I'm rocking out to my iPod.... Gotta do something to keep up the motivation. I've been at work since 8am this morning and I'm STILL here. The good news is that we're leaving anytime now - like next 15 or 20 minutes - and heading down to Huntsville, AL to see our friends Dave & Michelle for a little R&R. A little boating, some time in the sun. Ah, can't wait! Dave is a groomsman in the wedding, but hopefully we won't be thinking about the wedding TOO much this weekend. I need a break - from both that and work. Oy.

What I really wanted to write about is my experience meeting our singer and pianist over the weekend. I went with my mom's recommendation on the singer and booked her without even hearing her voice! Well, I have to say, my mom knows her singers. We met Connie (singer) and Susan (pianist) at a local church where they had just finished singing/playing for someone else's wedding. My mom and I felt a bit like wedding crashers walking into the church right after the ceremony--in fact, they were still taking pictures. Uh, are we rude or what?! BUT, Connie and Susan assured us they do this all the time and that the couple didn't care. Anyway, what I was trying to get to was that right as we were walking up to them, some other lady who was a guest at the wedding cut us off and began talking Connie's ear off about how she was the best wedding singer she's ever heard, could she give her daughter who was planning a wedding Connie's name, blah, blah. So right away I thought, "Wow, she really MUST be good." And then it was proven when she sang bits and pieces of songs for us. Connie just has an extremely powerful voice and I'm so glad she's ours for the day!

We ended up spending two hours with those ladies, discussing each and every part of mass and different song options. I left there with a full list of music for the ceremony - everything completed! Of which, I'm going to keep secret. Sorry, I can't tell you everything!!

Two things that really impressed me about them both:
1) Although they are up with the times, they are both still very respectful and treat church as a place of God - where only "appropriate" music can be used
2) If I had a song suggestion that they knew they couldn't perform with 110% confidence, they said so - and I respect that

One thing I will tell you, which I think is neato - I'm having them do a song during the prelude that my parents used at their wedding. Any John Denver fans out there?? I guess you'll just have to wait and see, won't you! And you thought I was going to give it away...



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