Friday, May 23, 2008

First of all, Happy Birthday Nate!! He doesn't actually read this, my wishes are wasted here. Sigh.

I wanted to do a bit of follow up to my post yesterday about the music. Once I had our music list in my eager fingers, I was able to map out the rest of the ceremony (like readings, prayers, etc.) in preparation for a meeting with our officiant, Fr. Medina. Nate calls him Officer Poncherello...I'll let you all decide when you see him. I think I'm a bit young for that show...

It was a rather quick and painless meeting. Not that it would have been painful...he's a cool guy. Just that it went really smoothly. I guess I was well prepared. :) He approved all of our song and reading choices. We discussed order of procession, jobs for my uncle who will be assisting (he's a deacon), and rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (rehearsal is scheduled for 6:00 - unless we change our minds).

One question I did have for him was what do the moms use to light the taper candles that are part of the unity candle set?
Answer: Not matches, a pre-lit votive candle hidden behind the big unity candle. Never would have thought of that.

A few other food for thought items he presented:

  • Receiving line - yes or no?
  • How would we like to be presented? Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Seibel? Nate and Kelley Seibel? Not at all? I hadn't considered this...
  • Marriage license - very important :) I HAD actually thought of this...
Fr. Medina said no more meetings are needed, so we're just coasting right up until the wedding. I probably will call him a couple of weeks out to confirm a few things.

Does anyone have any tips for the ceremony? Or things you think I haven't thought of?


Kym June 4, 2008 at 10:05 PM  

So, I actually have opinions about both of these items....I am...not a fan of recieving lines...much prefer the informal "traveling around" of the bride and groom after they have finished their dinner. As for how you are introduced....I am not a fan of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Seibel..just my opinion, but think that you really are still Kelley, with a new last name (not Mrs. Nathan Seibel) I vote for something a bit less formal!

Kelley June 4, 2008 at 11:44 PM  

I couldn't agree more. I always feel awkward as a guest going through a receiving line. And Nate made it clear he does not want one, so we'll definitely do the "traveling" instead.

I'm not a huge fan of the formal Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Seibel either. Maybe we'll do Nate and Kelley Seibel instead.


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