Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, I officially got tired of waiting and was starting to get worried, so I stole the task of finding a DJ back from Nate. I could take his procrastination and claims of being too busy no longer. Ugh. And maybe this was his plan all along!? Hmm... I had my MOH Lindsey check into a DJ for me...she works with a guy who DJs. Booked! And booked every Saturday in October, for that matter. Then I called the guy my mom had spoken to and liked at the latest Jeff City Bridal Show (thankfully she went for me on the first weekend of January). Booked! Hmm, are we seeing a trend here? Luckily, the next three DJs I called were all available. Whew! I've narrowed it down to two, based on affordability, and they are Superior Sounds and Safari Sound. Now Nate and I just need to talk it over this weekend...hopefully, he has time for that! (wink, wink) And one more item can then be crossed off the list!



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