Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So our cake tasting adventures this weekend turned out great. We have a cake lady! Actually, I had made appointments at two places, and we didn't even go to the second. Talk about an easy decision! Can't they all be this way? The lady we hired works out of her home in a neighboring town. I had asked to make sure we could taste a sample of her cake, and when we got there she had a small, square, white cake iced and ready for us. About two bites in, as I was enjoying the smooth, moist texture of the cake and the perfect not over-the-top-with-sweetness icing, she mentioned that this cake had been frozen for 6 months, and she had just thawed it out the previous day. Six MONTHS! It had been frozen without icing, mind you...that was fresh....but if the cake tasted THAT good and moist after being frozen, think what a freshly baked one would taste like. Yum!

So, we went on to get a very reasonable price quote from her for a cake that serves 250 people...a little over a $1/slice. The other bakery we were going was going to be at least $2/slice..and that was just the base price! And since the cake I want is very simple, we were out of there in a half an hour! We're having white, chocolate, lemon and red carpet cake, with a buttercream frosting (off white, to match the color scheme of the day). There will be 5 square layers, each framed with a chocolate brown ribbon on the bottom section of the layer, held on with a small shell pattern of icing around the base of each. The rest of the icing will be smooth. And we will have flowers for the topper (variety TBD) as well as a few scattered about here and there on the other layers. I put the deposit check to her in the mail today!


Kym January 21, 2008 at 9:19 PM  

Yummo! Buttercream is my FAVORITE ;-)


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