Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Hunt Is On But...

We may have found the one! Nate and I had two appointments this past week with potential photographers, and I had had one myself previously in Columbia. I had talked with Kim in Columbia from SilverBox Photographers and she was really sweet, energetic, and we got along really well. However, she was much more than I would like to spend, so price is what ultimately ruled her out. She photographed Tim Allen's (2nd) wedding in if a celebrity can afford her I don't think we can! The second appointment was with a girl at ImageArtistic Photography here in St. Louis. She was very nice and a lot closer to my age, but she didn't do anything to "wow" us, and really didn't have a lot to share with us verbally, she was just mostly answering our questions. We looked through some photos and albums and they were nice, but a lot of the pictures were a little more posed than I would have liked, and we didn't see a whole lot of shots in black and white.

And then we met with Jon from Koch Photography...and let me tell you I think both of our eyes lit up right when we stepped foot into his studio. First of all, he had a really cool loft setup with a big, cozy room that had high-tech equipment and all his work. He had a flat screen TV continuously scrolling through wedding pictures on the wall and big, framed black and white wedding shots he had taken hanging around the room. When we got there, we actually just chatted for a little while before jumping into looking at sample albums and pictures. Jon is a really great guy, has a fun personality, and really encompasses the documentary type style Nate and I were looking for. This may very well end up being the most expensive piece of our wedding, so I'm feeling very happy right now that we've potentially found the perfect fit in this photographer! We have one more appointment setup for this week, so I'll let you all know when we make our final decison...should be by weeks' end!!!


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