Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Week = Major Disappointment

Between work and wedding related items this week, I'm not sure which has been worse! I've been working overtime for work all week and going to bed way later than I usually do, and man does it show. But on to the wedding related items because who wants to hear about work?!

So....we had a MAJOR snafu this week. You know how it is when you have your heart set on something and it doesn't work out? Well, that's exactly the feeling Nate and I experienced this week. We had decided on Jon Koch as our photographer, and I called him on Wednesday to get the contract started. He was honored that we had chosen him and took down all our information and was going to send the contract to us within the day. However, when I got home Wednesday evening and checked my email, he had written saying that he wasn't at his office when I called and when he got there he had received a fax with a SIGNED contract for our wedding date!! OMG, I was sooooo disappointed. Someone had beat us by two days... I am now kicking myself for not calling him on Monday, but who would have known that a week would make all the difference? Nate was mad at me for awhile, but I think he's finally getting over it. So much for being supportive... :) I briefly considered changing our date to Oct 11th, but that idea was quickly shot down when I called Fr. Medina, the priest marrying us, to inquire about the 11th, and he was already booked for that date. Now I'm back to square one and searching for a few more photographers that I can go talk to and see their work. I have a feeling Nate is finished with it all at this point...

We also had our Natural Family Planning class on Thursday. It was held at St. Joseph West Hospital in Lake St. Louis and taught by a nurse. For an hour, we learned all about the Creighton Method of family planning. The key word of the evening...."mucus." Nate commented that he was disappointed that it was so boring. He was hoping to be able to make jokes....go figure. Do men ever grow up?!

Then yesterday we had the first installment of our two Saturday session for the rest of our marriage prep. The class was held at Immacolata in Brentwood, right behind the Galleria. The lady that taught us was a social worker by trade, but had been teaching the marriage prep class for over 10 years. The class was video based, with her speaking to us briefly after each section of video. Yesterday we learned about marriage as a sacrament, the stages of a relationship, family origin issues, and sexuality and sexual relations. We also had workbooks and we had to answer questions individually about each section and then talk about our answers as a couple. Nate was rolling his eyes at a couple of points, but I thought overall the class was pretty decent. The teacher was able to make things realistic, and even mentioned when she didn't agree with something in the videos that the Catholic church was teaching. The class was supposed to last from 9 - 2, but we got out at 1:00, so that wasn't all bad! One more to go next Saturday, and we will be complete with all our marriage prep for the church.


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