Sunday, October 28, 2007

My dress!

The search is finally over...I have found my wedding dress and I absolutely love it! My mom and I went to a trunk show at Demetrio's today, one of the shops we had visited before. For those of you who don't know what a trunk show is, let me explain. Basically, they bring in all of next season's possible dress designs for one weekend for a preview, and let all the brides-to-be try them on. Whatever dresses are purchased the most are the ones that make the cut for next season's collection. So, the hard part about a trunk show for the customer (me!) is that you have to make your decision to purchase a dress then and there because you have no way of knowing if the dress will make it into the collection for next season. So in other words, you reaaallly have to love the dress to commit to it and buy it that day.

Something I think I had working to my advantage is that I had already been to many, many bridal shops and had a very good idea of what I wanted. Yesterday, I had actually narrowed my favorites down to the top 2 dresses out of all the places I'd been. And when I put this one on today, I knew it totally beat out my 2 favorites! On the other hand, there was another girl trying on dresses at the same time as me...and she said Demetrio's was only the second bridal place she'd been to. So, even though she loved a dress, she didn't feel comfortable committing to something that quickly. And FYI, just in case Nate decides to read this, I don't want to put much detailed information about my dress on here. Just know that it's somewhat simple, but totally my style. However, if you're really interested, you know how to contact me! ;)

By buying the dress today, I did get a fabulous deal. First of all, by paying for the dress in full, I received 20% off the price. Additionally, I had the option of putting $100 down towards bridesmaid dresses, in order to get my maids 15% off their dresses...which of course I did! Girls, right now I'm leaning toward maids dresses by Jordan. The burnt orange color from this designer is exactly what I had in mind. There are tons of cute designs--be it one piece or separates. You can check them out here: Finally, by buying my dress today, I got my gown preservation for free, which was a $250 value. So that's one less thing I have to worry about...

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!


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