Monday, July 30, 2007

Reception Sites

We did a little browsing this weekend to check out our options for reception sites. We have eliminated one choice, The Truman Hotel, so that leaves us weighing the pros and cons of the two that remain--the Capital Plaza Hotel and the Loose Creek Community Club.

We will likely have our out-of-town guests, ourselves included, staying at the Capital Plaza Hotel ( It takes approximately 20 minutes to travel from Jefferson City to Loose Creek, where the ceremony will be held. Having the reception back at the Capital Plaza would provide advantages such as: a nice, formal setting, convenience for out-of-towners, linens and chair covers provided, no legwork for a caterer required, and not a large amount of decorating needed. The disadvantages are that it would be relatively more expensive--and the big one--they are totally booked for October of 2008. We would have to change our wedding date to September instead.

The Loose Creek Community Club (LCCC) is right down the hill from where the ceremony will be held. The advantages to having the reception there would be it is close to the church, it's larger and more open, there is an outside area for a bar, we would have more "creative" decorating ability, and it's more affordable. The disadvantages are that we would likely have a buffet style dinner with "throw-away" plates (Nate was shocked at this but it's what I'm used to), we'd have to find a caterer, we'd have more decorating to do, and guests would have a 20 minute drive to return to the hotel in Jeff City. As you can see in the pictures below, we'd have to take a concrete gym and turn it into a reception hall.

As I think I mentioned before, however, there is a lady in town named Laurie that does an incredible job decorating for weddings at the LCCC--she even goes as far as stringing cables from the ceiling in order to drape fabric across it. Nate was having a hard time visualizing how this "concrete box" could be made into a reception hall, so I have left a message with Laurie requesting a look a her portfolio of past jobs. Once I hear from her, we will have all the information we can gather...and will have to make a decision!


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