Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sauces & Sunsets

Watching the sunset as evening set upon us was one of our regular activities. Nothing like seeing the sun sink below the horizon from your lounge chair on the beach. Such a peaceful time of day. On this particular day, I was relaxing in my floppy hat (thanks Lisa! wink). Kind of a goofy pic of me...

And Nate was checking out the outrigger canoe - could be the same one that brought us breakfast! One benefit of the resort was that they had free rentals of canoes and kayaks that you could take out on the water during the day.

The sun setting was normally our indication it was time to head in for the day and start getting ready for dinner. We'd typically be ready early enough that we could mix up some cocktails and start a game of Scrabble before we headed out...and finish it when we got back!

We were able to make reservations at any local restaurant--within reasonable driving distance--at the resort front desk. And, most of the restaurants had courtesy shuttles that picked us up from the resort. Score! razz

This particular evening we chose an Italian/French restaurant called Les Tipaniers. It was a romantic, thatch-roofed restaurant and we got a prime table on the patio.

Items on the menu included delicious pizzas with a variety of toppings and homemade pastas served with bolognese, carbonara, or seafood sauce. My eyes lit up when I saw a seafood pasta on the menu that was served with vanilla sauce. I couldn't decide if this sounded good or weird, but it was just so interesting and different, I had to try it.

Turns out it was quite tasty. The vanilla flavor wasn't too overpowering and it just added a richness to the dish that you don't experience with a typical cream sauce. We had a nice carafe of white wine with our meal and of course ordered our usual large bottle of water to share. Tap water was not safe to drink here, so bottled water was in order most evenings.

We both enjoyed this restaurant so much that we actually visited it again for dinner towards the end of our stay in Moorea.

Up next, our day exploring the island by rental car...


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