Monday, September 10, 2007

The Latest

Since I've been a slacker the last couple of weeks with failing to post anything, I'm going to give you the quick 60 second update on the latest happenings. Nate and I had our second meeting with Deacon Ernie on the 28th. We found out our results from the FOCCUS evaluation, and it looks like we'll be meeting with Ernie twice more. We have to discuss each section of the eval in which we scored below 75% (a.k.a. NOT the same answers), which turned out to be several sections. And I have to say, we--well probably just I--was holding out hope that Ernie would become a little more fun or have some great real-life stories and examples for us, but I have to say I'm really not seeing it. Oh well, just a couple more sessions...

I also took advantage of my parents being here over Labor Day weekend, and my mom and I went out traipsing around to a few more bridal shops to look at dresses. This second trip helped clarify the dresses I really like, so now I have it narrowed down to three places I'd like to visit again and re-try on my favorites. But, I'm going to take a break for brain needs a rest!

Finally, the last major development is that I received a call from the chancery in Jefferson City, and they have received our marriage form and everything is approved for us getting married in the Catholic church. What this means is that we now have the church reserved for October 4, 2008!! I have left a message with Fr. Medina, the priest we would like to marry us, to verify he is still available and willing to perform the ceremony on that date. Once he confirms, I think it's safe to say October 4 is official. I'll let you know!


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