Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lunch on a Motu

The next day, we had planned to stay around the resort. At the resort activities desk we had heard about a water ferry that made several trips a day to a nearby motu. What is a motu? Well, it's the term used to refer to a very small island off the main island. There was a restaurant at the motu and an area for snorkeling, so we thought it'd be a good afternoon activity.

The water ferry ride was kind of choppy because of the windy conditions, but we got to see everything from a dog walking around in the lagoon to the many tour boats and wind surfers.

The restaurant was very quaint. The menu was written on a large chalkboard and carried by the waitress from table to table. The tables were setup right on the sand and we had a pretty view of the water from our table.

Nate and I shared a salad with fish and a lemon vinagrette. Very light and yummy. Don't we look relaxed? wink

Then we traversed the water to circle the small island to get to the snorkeling spot. I can't say enough about water shoes...they are a MUST here. There's no way to get around in the water without them...there are some large pointy rocks. Also, there's almost no way to avoid walking in the water in some spots, so they are a lifesaver.

Anyway, the snorkeling spot was quite peaceful. There were only a couple of others there. Just us and the fish! We had a good time exploring on our own and saw some beautiful fish. Here is my favorite:

Isn't he so colorful? And it just looks like he has a painted on expression!

One traumatic event of the day...I was wearing my newly purchased, island style wedding ring and it slipped off in the water while I was snorkeling. I saw it float to the bottom and one of the little fish grabbed it! eek I thought he was going to take off with it, but I guess he decided he couldn't eat it, so he spit it back out. Nate saved the day and dove down to retrieve it. Whew! Even though it wasn't my real wedding ring (thank God) it still had sentimental value and I would have been upset to lose it.

After an hour or two of snorkeling, we made our way back to the water ferry pick-up spot and headed back to the resort.


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