Thursday, November 1, 2007

Invitation Ideas

So, we recently got some books of sample wedding invitations to look through, thanks to my aunt Donna who owns and runs Linn Printing. However, in looking at them, we didn't see a whole lot of samples that had the modern feel we were looking for. After doing a little searching online and randomly stopping in the Papyrus store in the Galleria, I discovered the layered invitation. I love the look because it is very simple and modern, and I can incorporate our wedding colors of burnt orange and brown into the layers. Here is an example I found on The Knot that resembles what I am talking about:

I was thinking we could do the burnt orange for the bottom layer, brown for the second layer, and an ivory for the top layer where all the wedding information will go. For those of you that know anything about wedding invitations and/or paper and printing however, you know that layering an invitation only adds more cost...not less. But, after talking with my aunt over email, it sounds like she can get the colored card stock relatively cheap, and we can print in whatever font and color we want....and, as long as I'm willing to put in the grunt work and assemble them (a.k.a. glue--we're having a gluing party, girls!), then we can do them in an affordable fashion.

I just ordered a sample invitation online tonight, and plan to show it to my aunt at Thanksgiving so we can start the ideas flowing. The one con of the square invitation is that it will cost more to mail, so we may end up doing something rectangular to save on postage. If any of you have any other creative invitation ideas, I would love to hear them!


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