Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And The Winner Is...

I know, I know...I took a VERY long hiatus from blogging. But I do have excuses. I've been working my hiney off for a major software release in early December, I had a marathon weekend of Christmas shopping, I've been trying to catch up on work around the house... Oh, who cares about that stuff! I'm sure nobody wants to hear my lame excuses. ;) On to the wedding talk...

So, the biggest happening of the last few weeks is that we FINALLY have chosen a photographer. And what a big relief that is, let me tell you. We decided that style ranked above all other components, and we both have a thing for guy photographers (not sure what that's all about...), so our photog of choice is the one and only Stephen Seward! You can check out his website at http://www.stephenseward.net. And this time, it's a for sure thing--the contract is signed, the deposit is in, and we're in discussions with him about engagement pictures. Yay! We're thinking late April for the engagements pics in an urban setting. We need to scope out some cool locales.

We also have a tasting with our caterer, Ryan, this Friday evening. And I do say our caterer because we've reserved him and sent in a deposit...so a lot of the big things are starting to come together. Now I'm just nagging Nate about a DJ....nagging in a nice way, of course! ;) Anyway, we're going to be trying some options for our main entrees, as well as a couple of appetizers. Nate's been in talks with Ryan over the phone trying to pick out just the right food, so this should be fun!

I also recently discovered a great wedding resource for St. Louis brides. The site http://www.stlwed.com has wonderful recommendations on accommodations and vendors. And the best part....a forum where brides can talk to other brides! It's absolutely fabulous. Now if I am ever unsure about something or need advice, I know one resource I can turn to. It is a little less helpful for me since our wedding won't actually be in St. Louis, however the forum alone is well worth it.


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