Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hole In One!

My husband is playing in the 2009 Northwest Dodge Dealers Pacific Amateur Golf Classic in Oregon this week. Yesterday he got his first hole in one ever, along with THREE other guys. And the even more ironic thing? They all got a hole in one on the SAME hole. Insanity!

He was beyond thrilled and said the whole experience was surreal. After playing golf for 22 years, he finally got his hole in one moment. I'm so proud of him! You can read a short article about him and the others in the Bend Bulletin here.

And to add to the week's excitement for him, he ended up second in his group at the end of the third round today, which means he gets to go on to the final round tomorrow and play. He wasn't planning for that to happen....I mean, when there are 700 golfers, what are the chances you'll score above the majority? So, this means I could be stranded at the Seattle airport tomorrow night, but oh well. This is golf we're talking about here. I'm pretty sure I come second to that! Of course I'm joking...kinda...

See he was supposed to fly from Bend to Seattle tomorrow afternoon and then pick me up at the airport in the evening. But now that he's actually playing golf tomorrow, he's going to have to change his flight and he's hoping that he can get the last flight in late tomorrow, but we'll see. Otherwise I'll have to figure out a way to navigate to our hotel in downtown Seattle without a car. Sounds like an adventure!


Rachel September 30, 2009 at 10:52 PM  

congrats Nate must be great I just started playing.

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