Friday, November 21, 2008

Roll the tape...

The next morning we were up quite early, as we were still adjusting to the time change. We grabbed breakfast at the hotel, which was rather impressive. A huge buffet with fruits and meats, eggs, sausage, veggies, potatoes, and items made to order as well.

I wandered around the resort and snapped some pictures, as we were leaving that morning for Moorea. There were two beautiful pools on the resort. This is the first--it was above or below the lagoon, depending on your vantage point. In this case, above.

And the second, which was just picture perfect.

As well as some beautiful scenery...and bungalows!

Once we got all packed up, we headed to the lobby to wait for our transportation to the airport. We had seen one of the hotel workers wandering around taking care of all the baggage, and he was such an interesting man I just had to get a photo with him.

We were sitting in the lobby chatting when out of the blue a local journalist and cameraman came up to us and asked if they could interview us regarding American's traveling to their country. As I tried to blend into the couch we were sitting on, Nate agreed to do the interview and just like that he was on camera:

The lady journalist asked him questions about why he believed American's traveled to Tahiti and why he believed the amount of American travel to Tahiti was decreasing. Nate was very eloquent and gave great answers and it was quickly over. We were joking about wondering which channel he would be on and how he would probably be dubbed over in French. The funny part is that after we arrived at Moorea the ladies at the reception desk actually recognized him from TV! He HAD been on TV and we missed it!! I'd love to have a tape of that. biggrin



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