Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things are a changin'

As you've probably noticed, I took a little creative liberty with my blog. Now that we're officially married, I felt like I needed to change things up around here! I've changed the blog title to a more fitting "Mr. & Mrs.", which accurately reflects our current situation, although those titles are taking some getting used to! wink I included a nice sunset photo from Tahiti as the background to the new blog title.

I've also added and removed some other pictures on the right hand side of the page, and I've updated my favorite links. Looks like I'll have to get some more now that the wedding is over!

In other news, I uploaded some of our Moorea pictures to Flickr last night, so I'm getting there. Check them out here:

I've also gotten questions on if pictures can be downloaded from our Flickr account. In fact, they can! You have to sign up for a Flickr account and add kelleyandnathan as a contact. Then, if you click on an individual picture and click on "All Sizes", it will give you a link to download the picture. Walaa!


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